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Meat & Bread
370 Cambie Street
Vancouver, BC
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As a man that bakes bread on an almost daily basis, you can imagine I was quite excited to learn about Vancouver’s Meat & Bread. A beautiful concept, and one that is so straight to the point, I’m surprised we don’t have something like it here. Well, we do have Elm Cafe, but Nate at Elm rotates his sandwiches on a daily basis where as Meat & Bread stick closer to their guns, with just one special changing. On top of that the obvious meat and bread combination’s, you can have a side of soup or salad. Meeting at the crack of noon, Sarah and I welcomed Terri and The Binster to complete our group.

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Walking into the open and very beautiful space, it was hard not to notice the long communal table…and the lineup. Already busy as can be, a kind gentleman explained the process, showed us the giant menu and led us to the bar. The prized porchetta, along with the ciabatta buns that every sandwich use welcome hungry eaters, with the rest of the sandwiches being assembled just a few feet down the line. With the group more than willing to conquer the menu, we ordered the Meatball, Porchetta, and Veal (special), as well as the Potato Salad and Onion Soup.

We found ourselves in a bit of seating maze and eventually ended up as close as we could on the communal table. Our sandwiches sat on wooden boards with little dollops of house made dressings to dip everything in. The first thing I noticed was that each sandwich was portioned perfectly. A normal portion of succulent meat was in each sandwich and it was great to realize that no one felt like taking a nap after eating. Compared with the nights previous visit to Campagnolo, this was very manageable. The soup and salad’s that were propped on the edge of our boards were equally delicious. The onion soup in fact was quite possibly the best tasting version I’ve ever encountered. A definite hit at the table.




Without taking anything away from any of the sandwiches, there were a few notes on the otherwise stellar meal. The meatball sub isn’t exactly meatballs, more like loosely packed ground meat. As well, the two porchetta sandwiches did have some rather large sections of just fat. I know the meat is hand cut, and this will sneak through during busy times, so it’s just something to be aware of. All three were big hits, but if I had to choose, think I really enjoyed the mix of sambal in the meatball sandwich. If the sandwiches weren’t enough to bring you to Meat & Bread, then maybe the bacon ice cream waffle sandwiches will. Having always had bacon ice cream on the softer side, the mix of bacon chunks and hard ice cream combined with a perfectly sweetened waffle base meant this meal ended on a very high note. Well played Vancouver. You’ve got a keeper here.

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7 thoughts on “Meat & Bread – Vancouver, British Columbia

  1. Come to think about it, I wonder why something like this hasn’t been replicated over there… As long as you have critical mass, it should be a straight forward operation of sorts, isn’t it? Hmmmmmm…. (drool!)

  2. Those sound like some amazing sandwiches, and ‘A’ for presentation – love the cutting boards. Though it sounds like seating was interesting to navigate, a communal table sounds like the perfect arrangement for this spot. It reminded me a little of MRKT actually, though I’m sure the two are worlds apart. I’ll have to compare in person sooner rather than later 😉

  3. Wow- so weird. I actually accidentally came across Meat and Bread and thoroughly enjoyed the pork sandwich. Have to agree there is a little bit more fat..but it makes it yummy still. Edmonton should get one of these! Communal tables are a neat idea and interacting with the people who put the meal together is pretty fun too!

  4. Marianne – There seems to be such a flip of restaurants in Van City, that you can never fall short of trying something delish.

    Christine – I agree, communal tables are awesome.

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