President’s Choice Greek Yogurt

As a big yogurt fan, it should almost go without saying that I ran out and scoured the market for this last creation from President’s Choice. I actually quite enjoy Galen Weston Jr. and his silly commercials, so that may have helped push the desire a little more than it should have. My hunt seemed a bit beat down to start, but I finally found pay-dirt this week and grabbed one of the few remaining containers.Ā  Now before I go on, I should say that I was not approached by PC or it’s affiliates to do this, nor was the container comped in any way. This is just me and my wallet.Ā 

The 500gram container of Greek Yogurt is smaller than the more typical 650gram containers of Source Yogurt I normally buy as well as being higher in price. This past week for example, Superstore had Source on for $2.49, while the Greek yogurt was $4.49. I wonder if Greek Yogurt is a bit of a misnomer and it should just be labeled ‘strained yogurt’, but that might not be sexy enough for those sly marketers. Removing the shiny protective cover from the container, unveiled a smooth, thick & creamy yogurt. The plain flavour might not excite those looking for a sweet hit, but I quite enjoyed the sour tang that coated my mouth. Mixing the yogurt with some berries and granola easily made for a quick and tasty breakfast. Something I repeated a few times over the week. If I pick another container up, which I think is quite likely, I may just whip some honey into it for a bit of sweetness or google for some interesting recipe ideas. All in all, I think Galen and his PC friends did a darn good job on this one.

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  1. So excited about the availability of Greek yogurt – it used to be so hard to find. After your review, I’ll give the PC brand a try.

  2. i have been a greek yogurt fanatic for a while now!

    my latest and greatest is KREMA. it is absolutely incredible, but literally 3x the fat and calorie content of regular balkan style astro. i indulge in the KREMA like others eat B & J’s chunky monkey….only when the heavy hitter will do…..

    i wonder why here in canada we dont have the variety that there seems to be in the us of a? we do have the dairy industry to support it? weird…

    thanks for the review…your blog is da best. i have total bread envy!

    su šŸ™‚

    galen westen jr can toast my bagels ANYTIME! šŸ˜‰

  3. I have a surplus of local yogurt, pretty much all the time – next time it makes sense to, remind me and I’ll hook you up.

  4. Hi Chris;

    My Naturopath also recommended Jerseyland yogurt which I find good. Grandma just got some new Smoothie recipes which I will forward to you.

  5. Hi Chris,

    I’m like you….the commercial kind of got me. I love the yogurt though, happily. I love the big protein hit for a relatively small amount of calories. I’ve been eating it with fruit and some maple syrup.

    On another, yet somewhat, related note. I’ve noticed that many blogs, including yours, has the “Swipe” format now on iPads. I don’t really like it and can’t see the comments and other websites you have on the right hand side of your blog. When I”m on my laptop, I get your full screen (if you know what I mean). I know–not a big deal when I look at the global big picture–do you know if I can turn the “swipe” function off or is it something I need to get used to šŸ˜‰
    thanks, Jill

  6. Love the PC Greek Yogurt single servings with fruit but now find it impossible to buy. I have shopped at least 6 Zehrs stores and still out of stock. What is the problem?

  7. I tried the two fruit flavours they have, and unfortunately was not a fan. They had a strange chalky consistency (I’m reeally picky with yoghurt though). However, I did like the fact that for a 0% fat product it had surprisingly few ingredients.

  8. What is the nutritional information on the 0% fat free yogurt? Does it have sugar added to it? I have to watch the amount of sugar ( because of the number of carbs) so am curious about the nutritional values. At present I am usually having Source or Astro Zero yogurt because there is no added sugar
    Thank you

  9. I guess I did not specify that I was interested in the nutrititional value for the President’s Choice Greek 0& yogurt. That is the one that I would like the nutritional values on.

  10. How does it compare to the Asto Balkan style, which is the one I normally buy, at almost double the quantity and for under $3. I do like most of the PC products I’ve tried, but it has to be substantially better to justify the price hike.

    • I’m not sure Fiona. It’s been too long since my last crack at Astro Balkan yogurt. I may have to pick up a container.

      • I did try the PC Greek yogurt and like a previous commenter I found it chalky. I have a little “yogurt cheese maker” device (a strainer, really) that I could use to get my preferred yogurt to the same consistency, which in my opinion, is all that is really “Greek” about it.

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  12. Everything Cheese carries Liberty Greek Yogurt, 0%. Good but not as thick as ones I have tasted in other countries.

  13. PC does have a 0% non fat version WITH honey. Picked some up a tub a couple of weeks ago at the 51st ave location. Subtle sweetness of honey, absolutely a new favourite.

  14. I eat greek yogurt the best way I know how: mix it with Nutella!

    P.S. I’ve been an avid reader of your blog. My only complaint is that you always manage to get me hungry just by looking at your posts. HAHA! Keep up the wonderful work!

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