Grind Brgr Bar – Palm Springs, California

Grind Brgr Bar
262 South Palm Canyon Drive
Palm Springs, CA 92262
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Looking for a good burger on vacation just seems to make sense. After all, the taste of a perfectly cooked burger and sip of cold refreshing beverage is one of the best warm weather past times. So when I started scouring Palm Springs for a joint that cooks their burgers to order, Grind Brgr Bar seemed exactly like the place I was looking for. Owned and operated by a Kaiser Restaurant Group, Grind Brgr Bar is the latest addition to a collection that already includes Jackalope Ranch, Hogs’s Breath Inn, Kaiser Grille, & Chop House. Located above Chop House, on the trendy Palm Canyon Drive, Sarah and I walked up the steps to a 2nd floor patio that overlooked the strip for lunch after our trip up the mountain.


With the patio just a few tables short from being full, Sarah and I were lucky enough to be seated before the inside tables would be our only option. The menu includes more than just burgers, and probably has something for everyone; salads, sandwiches, and even floats! We were here for the meat though, and why not, especially when you read this on the menu – “Our 100% Natural Grass Fed Tasmanian Beef is a blend of sirloin and chuck ground on site daily, hand formed and cooked to order.” Keeping it straight forward, Sarah ordered the G Burger – grilled, grass fed beef, lettuce, tomato, onion while I went with the Naked Burgerno bun, grass fed beef, caramelized onions, grilled mushrooms & swiss. For good measure we ordered a basket of Sweet Potato Fries.

Service was quick, pleasant and after a round of drink refills our burgers were out. Sarah asked for her burger to be medium, while I went with the pinker medium rare. After a few necessary bites to find the center, I was a bit bummed to see Sarah’s burger was a little over cooked. This is one of those cases though where it was probably perfectly cooked for those who are nervous about pink meat. And Sarah did eat it up in record time. My patty was closer to medium than medium rare, but showed enough signs of pink meat to make me happy. Both burgers were tender, juicy, and meaty. There really is something to be said about freshly ground meat that isn’t cooked until it’s a charred hockey puck. The fries were some of the best I’ve had in recent memory, because they arrived with a magnificent level of crispiness.

Even though we just had a snippet, I think Grind Brgr Bar lived up to its name and provides locals with a great place to grab a bite.

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  1. If you’re still in Palm Springs try out Espresso Cielo on the same street. They carry our coffee and are doing a great job with it.


  2. Why on earth would America need to import their beef from Australia ? That seems to be a long way for fresh meat to travel Looks like you had a great time away from the miseries of the “spring” season here.

    • We scoured the world over and found the best grass-fed beef to be from Tasmania. By the time it reaches us, it is perfectly aged and ready for processing. Tasmania is pristine with virtually zero pollution with thousands of square miles of chemical-free grass. You are you eat!
      Thanks for posting!

  3. That hangover breakfast looks amazing. It kind of reminds me of the “Best Sandwich Ever” Thomas Keller made for Spanglish.

    Om nom nom

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