Cheeky’s – Palm Springs, California

622 N Palm Canyon Dr
Palm Springs, CA 92262
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With most of our vacation breakfasts taken care of at the homestead, I turned to Chowhound for help when the group was hungry for something a little out of the norm. And in a town that could just as easily put our butts at IHOP, I was happy to stumble upon Cheeky’s; a local joint with a fun feel and a great outlook on grub. In their words; “We strive to serve seasonal, locally grown, and preferably organic food. We change our menu weekly to adjust to whatever is the freshest in the markets. We also believe food shouldn’t come ready-made, so we make all of our batters, sauces, and dressings ourselves. It comes down to making the food we like to make at home and hoping you like it, too.”

On a very windy morning, the four of us lined up outside and put our name on the wait list that didn’t want to stay on the table. It really was a gusty day. The small restaurant was turning over at a decent pace which was making quick work of our wait. With a growing lineup, I could see the 10 or so tables outside to be a real plus when not being put off by the toupee blowing wind. In a stroke of luck, a few tables turned almost back to back and we soon found ourselves inside and ready for a serious coffee fill up. Being that our visit was on a Wednesday (they are closed Tuesdays), we were informed that some items on the weekly adjusted menu (every Wednesday) menu were not yet available. Seeing as they take the time to work on a new menu every Tuesday, it only seems fair to understand a few items might not be ready to go first thing Wednesday.

The menu is hip and inventive. It even includes a flight of bacon which offers diners a single piece of every bacon on the menu that day (Nodines Smokehouse, brown sugar, Jalapeno, applewood, Xtra Thick, crunchy pork belly). Sarah started the table with a Buttermilk Wafflehomemade lemon curd and baby strawberries, AB followed with Buttermilk & Fresh Corn Pancakes & Bacon, Buck took the plunge and ordered the Hangover Specialgrilled cheese w/ bacon, egg on top; icey cold coke, while I batted clean up with Homemade Greek Vanilla Yogurt granola and berries. What can I say, too much PC Greek yogurt at home and I’m hooked. Sarah and I also split a side of Nodines Smokehouse bacon.

There was a wait between the our table getting the first half of the orders and the last, but eventually we were all looking down at some beautiful prepared food. The egg topped hangover special was pretty damn gorgeous in my eyes, and even more so once the soft yolk was running all over the bread. AB was pleasantly surprised to find actual corn in her pancakes, while Sarah couldn’t figure out what made the delicious strawberries on her plate baby strawberries. I could see from the smiles that everyone was really happy with their orders. The blueb’s on my plate were delicious and the granola, which offered a mix of crunchy and chewy sections, was perfectly sweetened. The one downer, and maybe just because I have been eating so much Greek style yogurts at home, was that the yogurt wasn’t as tangy or as thick as I imagined. None the less, it was good and filled my daily yogurt hankering. All in all, I think Cheeky’s made our one breakfast-on-the-town experience quite tasty!

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  1. I love Cheeky’s too! I recently moved here from Portland, Oregon and have only found a few places in the Coachella Valley that use local and seasonal produce on their menus- Cheeky’s is one. Another is Grove Artisan Kitchen in Indian Wells. It’s very good food. They have a little herb garden and citrus grove on site that they use for all dishes, and a large percentage of their produce comes directly from local farms. Thanks for the write-up!

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