Bison Ribeye, Goat Cheese & Veg

We ate a lot of meat during our jaunt to Palm Springs. Whether it was freshly ground and shaped in hamburgers, or stamped USDA Prime, there was a carnivore undertone to just about every meal. The urges didn’t disappear to quickly if you can believe it, and before I knew it Sarah was hinting at more. So I did what I could. Head to the store buy some meat, some vegetables and some cheese.

The meat, bison ribeyes from Buffalo Valley Variety Meats, ended up being a treat at $45/kg, with Superstore providing the rest of our meal; goat cheese, asparagus and tomatoes. In a very Rachel Ray kind of way, I had this meal prepped, cooked and plated in less than 30 minutes.

A smokin’ hot case iron pan gave the bison a great crust, while the mere 7 minute cooking time left me with a gorgeous rare center. Slicing the tender meat was easy as pie, as was topping it with healthy medallions of cheese. I may just happened to cut an extra inch or two of cheese during the process…to test it of course. Into our oven for a minute to warm the cheese was all that was needed before adding the roasted tomatoes and asparagus. A meal most definitely fit for a Wednesday.

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  1. You know, this is really cruel: I was looking for the address of the restaurant where I could find this… Next time you’ll have to invite me 😀

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