A Play In A Barn & A Hamburger In An Alley

From the barn to the alley. That’s pretty much how last night played out. The barn I speak of is the TransAlta Arts Barns, the alley, well that was actually an alley, located outside of Hundred Bar + Kitchen. So what dragged us to both, a play for one, and a hamburger for another. The play, Norm Foster’s The Long Weekend, was hosted by World Fit For Children as part of their annual spring fundraiser. Besides good friend, and fellow baker Owen Petersen, it starred Rebecca Swanson, Alex Bodman and Cassidy Van Rensen. The play, which you could see tonight as well (and I recommend you do), was a hilarious relationship piece about love, communication and lapse of reason. Besides being a good time for your heart, I should note that all of the funds raised will be forwarded to the Girl Child Education project in Fulia 52 Bigha Village of West Bengal State, India.

Now the alley. Located across the river from where we were, Sarah and I made haste in hopes of making the cut. Because the cut is an important part of this alley adventure. With lots of history, I’ll let others tell the story, but just know that there will be a tweet. This tweet will have a time. This time will be followed to a T. And if you don’t get there, no soup for you…er make that hamburger. And if you can’t tell by the picture, many people do leave frustrated and angry. F-Bombs aloud!

Chef Andrew Cowan sent out the hamburger signal, just the third in this here city, and quickly went to arms making 40 burgers. Finished with mayo, lettuce, white cheddar, and mushrooms reduced in veal stock, these were mighty 60z, no filler kobe burgers. I even saw Chef Cowan produce a few gluten free options for those in line. Well played sir!

The burgers, well what is there to tell you. From my experience nothing. See. We missed the cut. No matter how quickly we moved from barn to alley, the cut was done just before. Almost like getting to a house party just as the police arrive. However, I can tell you from just being there; it was awesome. The moist, heavy and rich burger was putting on smiles on lucky faces faster than care bears could shoot rainbows. I have to commend the kitchen team as well, for bringing out napkins and a garbage all in hopes of making these potential dirty street food experiences that much cleaner. With the weather warming up, I can’t help but think these are going to get more and more popular. I just hope these won’t be become evenings of 200-300 burgers. After all, I think it’s part of the fun and adventure to be one of the few. If nothing else, stay like I did, talk to strangers, make friends, and wet your appetite for the next round.

TransAlta Arts Barns
10330 84 AV NW

Hundred Bar + Kitchen
10009 101A Ave

World Fit For Children
A non-governmental, international children’s organization, with projects carried out in developing countries around the world.

3 thoughts on “A Play In A Barn & A Hamburger In An Alley

  1. Wonderful positive post especially for someone who got “left at the altar” of tastiness. There will always be next time !

  2. Aye. It will come Laurel. Some of the best things about the night were the people I was able to meet. And after the belly full of laughs at the play….

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