Mother’s Day Meal – Pearl River Restaurant Style

No matter how many years go by, Mother’s Day is full of reflection. From the time I spent playing with my mom, to the afternoons baking cookies, to the struggle near the end. Lucky for me, I have always had great friends to offer their support or homes, as well as Sarah’s family who are more than happy to have me come by and spend time. So that’s exactly what I did.

With dessert in our hands, I cracked open The Modern Baker and looked for something light and refreshing. The lemon cheese tart with sour cream glaze sounded perfect and with most ingredients in the house, Sarah and I picked up the remaining items before she ran off to her spa treatment. As I prepped the dough, I totally forgot to check for my tart pan. And by the time everything was ready to go, I panicked and changed from tart to pryex pan (11×7). The pyrex pan didn’t take the entire batch of dough, but lucky for me the higher walls kept the filling in place. What should have taken 30 minutes (the middle had to stop wobbling) to bake took 80 minutes in the new pan. And I think it would have driven me crazy, but I ended up watching Thintervention and forgot all about the extra time. Seriously, Thintervention = car wreck. After the middle stopped jiggling, I layered on the sour cream glaze and baked for another 10 minutes. Maybe not as sexy as a tart, but it looked alright and didn’t require me to run out and save the day with something store bought.

I pulled up in time to head out for our order of take out from Pearl River Restaurant. Having never been before, I have to say it was packed to the brim without an Asian in sight. The kind lady behind the counter reminded me of Helen Roper, and seemed almost ready to pull her hair out with all the going-ons. We grabbed our meal and headed back . The menu for the evening included; Green Onion Cake, Vietnamese Spring Rolls (vegetarian), Chicken Fried Rice, Shanghai Noodles,  Stir Fired Mixed Vegetables, Breaded Almond Chicken, Beef Szechuan, & Pork with Pineapple Sauce.

Everything was pretty typical and seemed reminiscent of mall style Chinese food. The chicken was probably the worst item, being fried until there was no moisture left, with most of the other dishes just covered in a bit too much sauce. All in all, the meal was quick and filling. Exactly what everyone was after. Oh, and the dessert, I think it went over quite well, even getting approval from Sarah’s grandma!

Pearl River Restaurant
4728 – 99 Street
780-435-2015 or 780-435-2016
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2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Meal – Pearl River Restaurant Style

  1. So sad, Chris, that you lost your mom at such a young age. I don’t know your story, but it is just sad. As you say, the happy part is that you have Sarah’s mom now to share with her. And, what a lovely mother’s day dessert! Saw your “can’t find my tart pan” tweet and could relate. I just reorganized all my pans in a new shelving unit so I don’t have to go through the entire cupboard anymore. I can just locate anything at a moment’s notice. It was a beautiful mother’s day and a beautiful day for reflection. I am the only one of all my friends that still have both parents living (and together!) and I do not take that for granted. I know how lucky I am and as I am much older than you, cannot even imagine your loss. Is it from your mom that you Acquired your love of good food and cooking and baking?
    Happy warm sunny week!

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