McDonald’s New Angus Third Pounder

I’ll say it now, I’m a sucker for McDonald’s. It may not make sense right away if you just started following my blog, but I think I can narrow it down too a few things. One, being a child of the 80’s means that McDonald’s was the place to go, and two, I spent my high school years slinging burgers at McDonald’s for spending cash and crazy memories. So in some weird burger triangle, the soft spot created by those famous golden arches has stayed the test of time. This all means that any time something new comes out of the test kitchens, I’m willing to give it a whirl; which is exactly what happened recently when McDonald’s Canada started offering the New Angus Third Pounder.

Within a few days of being contacted by the PR team behind McDonald’s I received a Purolator package that included 3 burger coupons. Aren’t they creative! And lucky for tasting purposes, there just happens to be 3 new burgers. Coincidence, I think not! Hoping to order a smorg of burgers and do a three sample caloric extravaganza, I was sent packing at the till when one of the shift managers told me I could only use one at a time. This “limit” I should say, was not written on any of the coupons and didn’t stop the next McDonald’s from allowing me to cash my final two coupons in at the same time.

The burgers, which are made with a third-pound of 100 per cent pure Canadian Angus beef, are larger than your normal McDonald’s burger, and as such is billed for those with big appetites. And while some burgers have failed in the past with their specific focus and lack of variety, the Angus Third Pounder comes in three bold varieties: Deluxe (lettuce and tomato), Bacon & Cheese, and Mushroom & Swiss. Not bad planning when you think about it. Same burger, same bun, different look. Nice work Ronald.

At first glance these were heavy sandwiches, and I think the best looking of the bunch was the Deluxe, with it’s perfectly fresh vegetables. The Bacon & Cheese was a bit sad looking, but I think any burger just wrapped in bacon and cheese is going to suffer a bit. That is of course, unless you are at home and topping it with say gorgeous smoked shoulder bacon and high end cheese. The Mushroom & Swiss was the most recommend by every staff member I talked to when ordering, and I mean every single person. Interesting…


Deluxe Insides

So how were they? Well, for starters, not nearly as greasy as I imagined. The large patties, which you can tell in a few pictures, arrived with a great crust that did it’s job at holding in the natural juices. The bun was large and strong enough to stay together in all but the Mushroom & Swiss burger, as it fought a diligent fight against the copious shot of mayo. Which, when I think about it might be one of the key reasons behind its popularity with the staff. Mayo, cooked mushrooms, cheese, meat…really, that adds up pretty quick.

Bacon & Cheese

Bacon & Cheese Insides

The Deluxe was good and more along the lines of a burger I’d make at home. I don’t know about you, but I love lettuce, tomato, pickles and onions on my burgers. That’s just how I grew up. The Bacon & Cheese did it’s job, but I can’t imagine your taste buds not craving a bit of contrast if you were regularly devouring this meaty combo.

Mushroom & Cheese

Mushroom & Cheese Insides

Either way, I think that McDonald’s did a great job. The size of the burger is surely enough to quell all but the biggest of eaters, while the variety of toppings and cheese options will allow for there to be a burger anyone can enjoy. Now, maybe it’s time to go back and create one of my infamous McDonald’s combinations!

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2 thoughts on “McDonald’s New Angus Third Pounder

  1. No matter how much heat McD takes from all sorts of (sometimes) dubious enemies, they keep marching on, coming up with new ideas to get our money. They gotta do something right.

    I am the only one in our house who enjoys the odd visit for a Supersized meal.
    Just had one of these Burgers last weekend and for a fast food burger, it was very good.

  2. What was the verdict on the Mushroom & Swiss? Esp after all the kudos from the staff..?

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