Sangudo Custom Meat Packers – Oh The Jerky!

So I’ve been craving jerky lately. It could be turkey jerky or bison jerky, beef jerky or whatever else you throw into the smoker. I’ve even been known to grab a package of those strange steak nuggets once in a while. Then I picked up a package from Sangudo Meat Packers and was in protein love. The thick slices of Sweet & Hot Jerky were perfect. The texture was bang on and I was able to slowly savour the meat while softening it into the perfect chew. The whole time it remained bold and deep in flavour; not something I can always find in jerky. In fact, it was so good that I maybe shared 1% of the package. Breakfast, lunch & dinner, it was jerky heaven. I’m actually sad to look in the fridge today and find it empty. ;(

I seriously can’t wait to get back in touch with the team at Sangudo Custom Meat Packers and discover more of what they have to offer. In the mean time though, lets talk jerky. What’s your favourite jerky, and where do you get it?

If you don’t mind cheating on your current jerky preference, or you just want to try something new, call the shop in Sangudo, ask for Jeff and tell them Chris sent you!

Sangudo Custom Meat Packers
PO Box 208
4930 47 Street
Sangudo, Alberta T0E 2A0
Telephone (780) 785-3353
Fax (780) 785-3111

6 thoughts on “Sangudo Custom Meat Packers – Oh The Jerky!

  1. That looks delicious.. I’ll have to try some.

    Currently addicted to jerky from Bee Kim Heng in Vancouver.. on my last 2 packages of it right now, but that’s sweet singapore style jerky that I haven’t found anywhere ’round these parts yet…

    • If you get the chance, do try it Bert. And, I’ll keep my eyes out for Singapore-style jerky. Sounds equally delish.

  2. I can’t get enough of Longview Beef Jerky. Not the stuff you buy at Canadian Tire, but from the store in Longview. People who know me ask if I want some when they travel through. My favourites are original and the teriyaki and I like to leave them out for a bit to dry up even further.

  3. The jerky from Leduc Meat Packers is delicious. Not as dry and chewy as some; it is my favourite. They also make great pepperoni.

  4. Don’t just blurt it, jerked meat is a curse.

    Our super smokiness comes from our approximately ONE THOUSAND year old smokehouse. If you go and stand in there, YOU start to taste like smoke.

    There is no substitute for real, old smoke for a proper jerked meat bouquet. Zang!!

    I’m all over Singapore. Possibly fish sauce as a constituent flavor?

    We did some custom craziness with Pepsi jerked beef. Yes. I’d like to try and incorporate some sweet liquors – any suggestions?

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