Tres Carnales Taquería – Edmonton, Alberta

Tres Carnales Taquería
10119 100A Street
Rice Howard Way (Opening Now!!!!)

I love tacos. Not tacos loaded with neon cheese, or packet-spiced ground beef, but real tacos. Like the ones I’ve had on the streets in Central America and Oakland. This deep, Rick Bayless-style love affair, has me making my own tortilla’s with a seen-better-days tortilla press brought home from Bucerias Mexico, and dreaming of rich moles. So needless to say, when I first heard about Tres Carnales, I was a bit hesitant. Edmonton has lacked a true taco vibe in my opinion, and while there is always a place for ground beef tacos, I don’t jump for joy at the sight of poorly prepared carne asada. Yet, in the months and months since the team at Tres Carnales first started spreading the word around town, my curiosity has grown. Will these 3 friends be able to show Edmonton it’s first taste…

Having missed a few opportunities to meet and sample some of the, hopefully future, menu, I was absolutely stoked to see them at the 2011 4th Street Promenade Al Fresco party. After making my way through the crowds, I was welcomed with a smile, the smell of grilled corn, and one sexy looking plate of tacos. Respectfully done with fresh onion, cilantro and salsa, the properly small (and double layered) tacos were bulging with a well marinaded al pastor base. Delicious. Most definitely. Memory inducing. Absolutely. I’m not sure when things are going to open, but I for one, can’t wait.

To stay up on their progress, I suggest following along on Twitter, Facebook, or their Website.


7 thoughts on “Tres Carnales Taquería – Edmonton, Alberta

  1. I hope this place opens soon. They were origibally saying May, then June…what’s the proposed date now? I would think that they would want to open with the nice weather. While not traditional, I love the California burritos in San Diego. You may have to permorm a senor gangbang?

  2. Laurel – It’s worth the wait I think.

    daveR – No idea on the proposed date. I hope it’s before August that’s for sure. I’ve never had a San Diego burrito, but if they are anything like the Mission burritos in San Fran, I can see why you like them!

    • California burrito is a burrito with french fries in it…sounds meh but tastes great. Apparently unique to san diego.

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  4. I am ridiculously ecstatic about this place opening up- believe it should be very soon- this is exactly what edmonton needs and I have heard NOTHING but amazing things about this food!

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