Start With Bread – Tartine. Havarti. Turkey

Sarah started singing an awesome, and funny, sandwich song this week and it got me thinking. We make a lot of sandwiches. So hopefully, if all everything works out, I’ll be able to continue documenting what I’m going to call; Start With Bread. This first example, had roots as a grilled cheese with a whole wheat/rye/white tartine loaf base and Havarti cheese. It soon turned quickly into a melt of sorts, with the addition of roast turkey and banana peppers. With everything on hand, this was easy and delicious.

9 thoughts on “Start With Bread – Tartine. Havarti. Turkey

  1. Why is it that places like Subway, Jersey Mike’s and other Franchise chains are so successful, if making a grand sandwich is so rewarding.
    If I were to open any sort of food establishment, it would be a Sandwich place.

    And you would be my first choice for the inhouse Bakemaster position.

  2. This will be great, a themed topic that I can continue to follow here! Would love the step-by-step process being told/shown too if possible. This first one looks really good!

  3. Peter – Thanks for the kind offer. We still have years ahead of us to make that happen 🙂

    Shokutsu – Thanks for the comment as always; I’ll be sure to try and include your idea for future sandwiches.

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  5. Sandwiches are some of my most beloved foods. That looks delicious, the bread especially! Looks really crispy, I’ve been thinking about doing different interesting loafs, maybe something like this would be nice.

  6. Grown up grilled cheese is my vice. Yesterday I made a Srgt. Pepper Grilled Cheese with cauliflower, carmelized onions and crushed red pepper. It was to die for.

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