What The Truck?! – Edmonton, Alberta

What’s that in the distance. People…downtown…after work. What The TRUCK?! Making the trek across the river, Sarah and I arrived to see Edmonton’s first food truck extravaganza in full effect! Created by two proud and locally committed Edmontonians, Sharon Yeo and Mack Male, What The Truck?! seemed to be inspired by the food adventures they’ve found themselves on during their travels. And for me, a good food truck is one of life’s greatest pleasures, so I was excited to see what the duo would wrangle up.

Located at Beaver Hill Park, which over looks Jasper Ave, Mack and Sharon did an amazing job at filling the concrete jungle with food and locals who were both hungry and seemingly very happy to be eating outdoors. As Sarah and I wandering through the crowds, it was great too see so many familiar faces because it helped ease the pain of massive lineups.

Sharon & Mack

With Funky Pickle Pizza already sold out and the line up at Filistix out of this world, I pondered my remaining choices while Sarah lined up for the classic Fat Franks. Seeing as I’m not really going to just eat chocolate and peanut butter donuts for supper, my decision seemed harder than I first harder. And with the rain coming down, we soon found ourselves scoring a ride back across the river before I pulled the trigger.

Without a a doubt, Mack and Sharon really did something fantastic. They brought neighbours, strangers, and friends into the core and showcased Edmonton’s mobile food carts in an inspiring way. From Chinese to pizza, waffles to donuts, I think the event was brilliant. With some time (and a few necessary bylaw changes), I hope that we continue to see food carts pop up in our great city. Maybe one day we’ll even head in the direction of the taco trucks I saw in Oakland. After all, who wouldn’t love a late night tongue taco!

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  1. You should have come early! By the time we were on to our second dish – the lines got a little bit long. But before the insanity and the rain, I did manage to score a BLTC (bacon, lettuce, tomato & cheddar) on a crepe from the Fork & Spoon Brigade for my first go-round. It was delicious! Then it was on to Filistix for some amazing biscuits and gravy topped with? MORE BACON. I seriously expected to bump into Jerry in one of those lines! It seemed that everyone was after the pulled pork and/or beef offerings, my order came up super quick!

  2. i just got back from my own food truck rally. i love that these are going on across the country. come of the best food on the planet is being shoved out the side of an old van right now, and into the hands of a repeat customer. time for the food trucks to shine,

  3. Thanks for coming, Chris! Great write-up – and there’s already a truck offering tacos (Molly’s Eats) – but I’m not sure she’s serving up tongue just yet :).

  4. We had a blast, but we were there really early. And AHEM, I DID eat chocolate peanut butter mini donuts for dinner, at least I tried to, the family stole them. The BLT crepes were out of this world, I was sad to not be able to try Filistix though. Next time!

    I didn’t notice many other kids though, Kevin and family met us and to me, this is a perfect outing with the kids, outdoors, contained area and great eats. Maybe I just think differently than most parents, I guess, but when you look at all the pictures there were few kids.

  5. Jerry – Yes. I agree.

    Sarah – I suppose early was the key, but we walked across the river after work, so we were on foot time. Nice strategic ordering!

    Darqlabs – Amen.

    Sharon – Thanks for putting it on! I’ll be sure to check out Molly’s Eats

    TKM – I agree with you about kinds, as the event was a prefect chance to get out of the norm and experience something fun, and family friendly. I LOVE that you had the donuts for dessert! Part of me contemplated having them last weekend at the market.

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