Start With Bread – Sun-dried Tomato & Herbs de Provence Tartine. Fresh Mozzarella

Experimenting with my basic tartine bread recipe has most definitely been a highlight this year. With just four ingredients – flour, water, salt, wild yeast – it pairs so well with everything that it has become my daily bread. Changing the flour combinations and adding ingredients has naturally become the next step. This loaf, which I made by adding sun-dried tomatoes in oil, along with a few teaspoons of herbs de provence, took it too another new level. Remembering some very tasty childhood memories, where my mother would prepare toasted tomato and cheese sandwiches gave me my inspiration. And with the tomatoes already in the bread, it was just a matter of adding cheese. In this case fresh mozzarella, a pile of it I should say, was added before throwing the entire hunk of goodness into a warm oven. You know the best part, besides the taste…no scalding hot tomato to burn your mouth!

Start With Bread is a series of posts which revolve around the basics of a good sandwich; other posts here.