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Tres Carnales Taquería
10119 100A Street
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When the team at Tres Carnales Taqueria started spreading their ambitious goal of bringing real Mexican food to Edmonton, I didn’t know what to think. Edmonton has seen the gauntlet of so called Mexican food over the years with nothing, in my opinion, truly hitting the mark. The menus always seem to include a variety of more common Tex-Mex options, with that famous neon cheese. On the other side of the spectrum, there are restaurants where the menu doesn’t even focus on Mexico; instead you get a mix of any or all countries in Central America. So while I was intrigued at the thought of something I’ve wanted in Edmonton for years and years, I also felt a bit nervous. Would the team really deliver on the hype?


Everything was in place this past weekend, which meant everyone could come down for a little taco love while celebrating Canada Day. The restaurant is open, with street access coming from two separate doors. The interior is energetic and full of character with a giant mural next to the counter, a simple tin ceiling to that helps take you away from the concrete jungle, and two walls full of art, figurines, and even a favourite kitchen tool of mine, a molcajete. It’s a great look.


There is an assortment of 2 and 4 top tables, along with a family style table that’s perfect for big groups or getting to know strangers. The menu includes an assortment of tacos, tortas (sandwiches), quesadillas and a soup. At first this might be overwhelming, but in the end, you have just 7 different fillings to use in your delivery method of choice. If you’re thirsty, there is a selection of beverages, including beer, sangria and the very delicious aqua de jamaica.

Fun Tortilla Chip Wrap!

House Made Tolopos


Sarah and I ended up stopping in on Friday on our way to the Works Festival, and if you can believe it, coming back on Saturday. So with two nights of gorging, I was able to make my way through the menu and back again. And while we did come for the tacos, we threw a torta in for good measure. The house made tortilla chips and guacamole was very addictive, with the right amount of bite in each chip and a nice touch of salt all without being oily. They were so addictive in fact that on our second visit we ordered a second round to squash our hunger. I also thought the Tres Carnales stamped paper delivery system was a nice nod.



Pollo Asado

Chorizo Torta

The 7 options, which may change with popularity and demand include Vegetarian0 – vegan grilled chiles and corn, Carnitas – slow braised pork shoulder, Pollo Asado – marinated and grilled chicken, Arrachera – marinated and grilled flank steak, Al Pastor – slow roasted marinated pork, Chorizo – house made Mexican ground sausage, & Rajas con Crema – poblano chiles and corn in cream. A plate of three, double wrapped tacos will cost you ten bucks, which is the same price you’ll pay for the tortas. Choice is a good thing in this case, and is probably what’s going to make Tres Carnales so popular. If you don’t like chorizo for example, you might fall in love with the chicken. Or if chicken isn’t your thing, maybe it’s the vegetariano you’ll order. I can only suggest you take a crack at every option so that you can then choose for yourself. Me, well, I had a love affair with the succulent roasted vegetables in the vegetariano option; juicy, flavourful, and jumping with summer freshness. Others delish items included the arrachera, which needed just a squeeze of the lime segment to make the beef really shine, and the chorizo, which needed nothing more than a dollop of salsa to sing sweet meat songs in my belly. If there was one negative, it was roasted pork shoulder which I found to be lacking the famous fatty feel that is so common with this cut of pork. Really though, both meals were huge success stories and that is exactly what I want in a restaurant experience.


Al Pastor


Rajas con Crema

I’m still not sure how to sum up my experience at Tres Carnales. It might just be my love affair with Mexican cuisine, but even with that said, I haven’t found a restaurant in years that I’d go back to the very next day. The tacos and tortas fill a much needed void in Edmonton, and it just so happens that Chris, Dani, and Edgar are three really nice dudes which makes the shop that much easier to love. Bring your friends, your family, or your coworkers to Tres Carnales…I know I’m going to.

*Click here for my first Tres Carnales experience during this years Al Fresco Party.

21 thoughts on “Tres Carnales Taquería – Edmonton, Alberta

  1. It was a lot of fun to be there with you guys on Saturday! I really enjoyed the place and the food and hope to go back there soon.

  2. I MUST GO!

    How are the tortillas? Soft and delicious, I hope! Do you know if they are made in house? I’m still searching/dreaming/longing for the days of fresh corn tortillas that I don’t have to make myself. 😉

    Funny that the base of this delicious meal is what concerns me the most!

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  5. Looks awesome, I can’t wait to try it! I’ve been eagerly awaiting their opening since my first taste at the Cinco de Mayo party at Red Star 🙂

  6. Okay. Now I’m very hungry and will need to try everything. Nice work on making your way through the menu. Good Mexican. I doesn’t get much better than that.

  7. Dr. CaSo – It surely is worth another visit!

    Sarah – It’s worth the trip in from the boonies 😉 I’m not sure if they are made in house. With their perfect nature, I doubt it. They are soft and warm though, making for a perfect base! You’ll love it.

    Courtenay – I missed the Red Star party in May, and if it was like anything they put out at Al Fresco, you’ll enjoy it.

    Jill – Agreed. It doesn’t get much better.

  8. I went back to Los Tres Carnales the following day too. I am Mexican and can say that the food offered at this Taqueria is authentic. The flavour of the meat, the agua de jamaica, the guacamole, the beans, etc., all are delicious and just as you would find it in Mexico.
    I also liked the decoration and the whole ambience. The music doesn’t need to be “mariachi” to be Mexican, they play Mexican bands that are popular in Mexico. The guys are very friendly and I enjoyed chatting in Spanish with them.
    I will be going back this weekend to go through more dishes. It is indeed a restaurant that Edmonton needed and, fortunately, it’s here!

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  10. Chi Chi’s! Wow, blast from the past there. Probably an old school Bullwinkles fan too hey?

    I have to get back to Tres Carnales and try the pozole. And I’m hoping some tamales are in the plans along with chilaquiles for breakfast.

  11. Great staff, great atmosphere…even better food. I can’t think of a time Edmonton has had Mexican food that tastes this good.

    You absolutely have got to check this place out.

  12. Have eaten there twice in the last week…..outstanding!! Both the food and ambience. Casual, welcoming, friendly. My husband and I love the Puerto Vallarta area and and hour at Tres Carnales enjoying some tacos and a beer was like spending an hour in a small Puerto Vallarta bar. We have tried many so called “Mexican” restaurants but none of them left you with the feeling of true Mexico. Looking forward to trying the Chorizo Torta next and terrific job to the 3 of you!!

  13. Sonia – Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad so many people are enjoying the digs!

    Ryan – Oh yes I do. A classic 80’s destination!

    BH – Ah yes, eventually I’ll get around to the soup…for now though, I want more tacos!

    Marianne – Thanks! I’m excited to hear what you think.

    Sue – Twice in the last week. Sounds like me. Maybe we’ll run into each other there..

  14. I’m pretty sure the tortillas are handmade by Edgar, the chef. I’ve seen him prepping them before. I can’t see them straying from that. Everything is fabulous!

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