Thoughts On A Last Meal…

I think it takes a lot of self reflection to come up with your perfect last meal. After all, there are no limits in this kind of discussion, no boundaries, and nothing stopping you from getting exactly what you want. Be it a perfectly cooked bison rib-eye, or a giant clam straight from the ocean. I believe that as you age and experience more from the world, your preferences can change on the topic just as easily as they can remain in a previous age. When you think about the meal, does it escape from your mouth without a moment of hesitation, or do minutes turn into hours as you try to place perfect bite after perfect bite? Do you go with something close to home; a dish your mother (or family) made when you were little? Maybe it’s the flip side of the spectrum and you include a dish you had but once…only to never have it again.

I’m not sure what got me on this topic, but as someone who thinks about food every day, I can’t help feel inspired by the movie above. Combine that with the legendary words I continue to read about the master and I feel my last meal would certainly be kicked up a notch if I was able to dine at Sukiyabashi Jiro. I may just be able to look past all other desires and simply end everything at the hands of Jiro Ono. How about you. Do you have a last meal? Are you willing to share…

6 thoughts on “Thoughts On A Last Meal…

  1. Tough question but I’d probably choose my mom’s homemade bowl of pho 🙂 #predictable

    OR a mountain of sashimi. Drooooollll

  2. I’d wager your last meal would involve olive oil 😉 As for me, I’d need to think about it. But you can bet it would be paired with wines that were, literally, to die for.

  3. Great call Linda. I think a bowl of pho and plate of sashimi are two of the worlds best pleasures!

    Misty – No doubt it would include some olive oil!!! 🙂 And yes, wine to die for would make the pairings memorable. That’s the thing about this topic. It’s so hard to really put it down some days.

  4. Fun! My last meal would be a guilt free indulgence in my Mom’s potato-cottage cheese perogies with onions fried in butter, bacon, and sour cream on the side. Sour cabbage rolls. Nalysnyky. Bowls of borscht. The best garlic sausage I could get my hands on. Hm. Seems like I eat like it’s my last meal often. This indulgence happens every few months.

  5. My last meal would be consumed entirely inside the Ferry Building in San Francisco.

    For a starter:
    -I’d get some tasty salted pig parts from Boccolone.
    -Then I’d go a couple doors dow to Cowgirl creamery for some spectacular chevre.
    -Then next door to acme bread for a loaf of authentic sourdough
    -and finally across the hall to Stonehouse Olive oil.
    Oh yeah, building myself a death row charcuterie plate.

    For my main course, I’d combine an order of sesame green bean salad from Delica, and the Wisconsin Sourdough burger from Gotts Roadside.

    Now fat as a pig, I head to Miette Patisserie for a Pot De Creme.
    Aaaaahh, take me now!

    You can find all my killer picks at:

  6. With all the time I’ve spent doing research on last meals, I of course had to think up my own! It would be: sushi, tempura shrimp, Mongolian beef, fried chicken, a platter of assorted sausages from around the world, broccoli with butter and lemon juice, Krispy Kreme doughnuts, praline pecan ice cream, and orange Gatorade.—Ty Treadwell, author of Last Suppers: Famous Final Meals from Death Row

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