The McRib Is Back!

The McRib is one of those legendary items. And before I get any further, I know this rib-shaped patty may not be your favourite choice at McDonald’s, but let me tell you, after this last month I’ve certainly heard from enough friends and colleagues who are just eating this up. So I had to go try it, right! With only a week left to try this treat (June 21st – August 1st), you don’t have much time left either. Swinging by my local McDonald’s, I had to smile when I saw the coworker just slathering my pork patty in sauce. Potential finger lickin’ good is what I imagined?!? Or maybe, the young guy was just practicing his sauce boss routine. Enough of that crazy talk though. If you don’t know what the McRib is, let me tell you with a nice positive McDonald’s description – Marinated in BBQ sauce and topped with pickles and onions on a sesame seed bun, this boneless pork patty is a taste of summer unlike any other! But we can’t stress this enough: this saucy, messy, iconic sandwich will be gone before you know it – not unlike Canadian summers – so get it while you can…

The sesame bun was pretty standard white bun fare (reminded me of the Arch Bun) and it came toasted to perfection; which can only help with something as messy as this. It was shaped like a mini-sub and when I opened the container, it started to live up to it’s saucey description. The fresh onion added a bit of bit, but the best chomps included the pickle. The sauce dripping sandwich requires some serious attention to eating, as it may have just ended up on my shirt. So don’t let it happen to you. The boneless pork, with it’s realistic bone shape was a little bland by itself, but with an appropriate amount of sweet BBQ sauce, I think it makes for a nice change at McDonald’s. Don’t forget though, you only have a few days left!

Did you know?

• First introduced in the 1980s, the elusive McRib quickly gained a hearty fan base among customers around the globe.

• McRib was last available in Canada as a limited-time offer in 2008.

• McRib lovers will often go on road trips in search of the sandwich and seek out McRib locator tools online to find the next stop in their quest. Now that’s love!

3 thoughts on “The McRib Is Back!

  1. oh my! i never even had the slightest interest in trying the mcrib till i read your post. well i havent thought of much else since. you had my interest piqued with the sauce boss comment.
    long story short, went to my neighborhood arches and had me my first mcrib!
    all i can say is i wish i had tried sooner and not on the eve of its disappearance for god know how long!
    i am now planning my tomorrow around my mcrib dinner….ha ha ha

    consider me converted!

  2. When this sandwich came back Sean went nuts. He’s a fan of the McRib. I think it’s McGross. I tweeted as such. Turns out there are TWO McRib bots. Hilarity.

  3. Thanks for the memories … still remember the sloppy experience in the 80s. Have indulged this time around … on more than one occasion … is that wrong? Thanks for putting the experience into words, Chris.

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