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Spring Roll Kitchen
2395 111 St
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After watching the final Harry Potter, Sarah and I found ourselves hungry and craving something before we headed to St. Albert for a birthday party. It just so happened that as we drove down 23rd ave, Sarah pointed out a restaurant she’d recently discovered in Century Park; Spring Roll Kitchen. Pulling up to the building that once held show suites, the mix of empty space and open windows had me wondering if the restaurant was even open.

With no one in the restaurant we were free to sit any where. And with just an iPhone camera in hand, we went for the beautifully lit window seats. My hopes for a restaurant that only serves spring rolls was quickly dashed when I saw it was just in the name. Spring Roll Kitchen might be more appropriately named as Vietnamese Kitchen. The majority of the menu includes rice dishes, noodle dishes, and pho dishes. Both of us are big salad roll fans, so along with our order of tea, we grabbed Shrimp Salad Rolls to start.

The salad rolls were ok. The shrimp was a bit thin but the insides was fresh. The wrapper yielded nicely and did leave me with that chewy texture some times found. The biggest problem was that without dunking the rolls in the accompanying peanut sauce, they were very bland. I could most definitely used a heavier hand of herbs. For our mains, Sarah ordered the Grilled Beef Vermicelli Bowl while I went with the Grilled Chicken Vermicelli Bowl.

Both bowls were loaded with noodles and fresh shredded vegetables. The beef was sliced relatively thin but I found it a bit chewier than I would have imagined. The grilled chicken was great; gotta love the char marks and flavour of perfectly cooked dark meat. Combining both dishes with a dip in the fish sauce made for an enjoyable and quick meal.

The service was quick and the food hit the spot. The restaurant was open for just 3 weeks when we visited (add a few more weeks now), and I don’t think I would hesitate to go back and try a nice steamy bowl of pho.

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  2. I was there a couple weeks ago, and it was pretty good. I have to say though, Pho Hoa on Parson’s Road is still my favorite south side Vietnamese; their broth for the pho is just that bit better.

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