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Savoy’s Health Café
11010-51 Ave
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Savoy’s Health Café is one of those hidden gems that I hope will never be overwhelmed when it’s discovered by the masses. Sitting across from Southgate Mall, the father and daughter team at Savoy’s are putting out one of Edmonton’s best deals. The tiny, dive-style restaurant looks pretty non-descript from the front, and unless you were prepared for something different, you’d probably never go in and try the South Indian offerings.

Walking through the open door, I was greeted by a smile and a small space. Grabbing one of the mix and match table and chair combinations, I went over the long list of “health” drinks located on the wall before heading to the till and grabbing a menu. The food list is short and to the point; after all, you should be coming for either a drink or a dosa.

If you’re unfamiliar with the South Indian treat that is a dosa, think of it like a French crepe only bigger and made with lentil and rice flour (gluten-free baby!). Savoy’s offers two dosa fillings, vegetables or potatoes. For just under $6, you’ll get a well portioned dosa, bowl of lentil soup, and side of chutney. Throw a few more coins on the table, and you’ll get a samosa (just look at that crispy exterior!!!) for those extra calories. If you don’t get a health drink, you can easily feed two people for under $15!!! The dosa are bigger than you might expect if you are new to this food and come to the table with a heaping of curried filling. Not hot or spicy, the combination of light dosa and potato or vegetables makes for really good meal. Add a spoon or dip of chutney and the savory bite is kicked up to perfect! On top of that, the lentil soup will be a mean side when the cooler weather comes back.

A simple, straight forward place, Savoy’s will fill your tummy with delicious food and I don’t see any reason to stop you from going as soon as you can. Just remember to bring cash!

4 thoughts on “Savoy’s Health Café – Edmonton, Alberta

  1. I used to live and go to school in the area and have seen this place a zillion times and never given it a second thought. Next time I am back in the old hood I will have to check it out, I am now very interested.

  2. Thanks for the post, Chris. Always wondered about this one – they always seem to be closed when I’m in the area – and the dosa looks and sounds fantastic.

    Great seeing you two on Sunday! Glad you enjoyed the Festival!

  3. Definitely worth a stop Kiri!

    CourtJ, I think I may just go back soon than later. Maybe I’ll see you there.

    It was great to see you as well Marianne. You looked very happy and full of life!

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