Wild Yeast Fig Tartine

After playing with a ton of savory additions to my wild yeast tartine these last few months, everything from pumpkin seeds to sun-dried tomatoes, cheese to jalapeno’s, I decided to try something sweeter. In this case figs. Not something you find fresh on an everyday basis (don’t we wish!), I have taken two cracks at this fruit in the last week; first with dried figs and then with fresh.

There was something to be said about the dried figs when comparing them to the fresh. Having mashed both versions before incorporating them into the dough, I have to say that the dried figs turned into a sticky mush which made it look beautiful during both the kneading and baking. The fresh figs on the other hand basically turned into liquid, which had me scrambling to fix my addition percentages. As well, the sweetness of the dried really shined, where as the fresh ones added more of a subtle colour change to the dough without too much else.

A quick slash after proofing, before throwing each of the 1kg loaves into the steamy oven for 45 minutes, and…..

…voila; the finished product. The crispy crust gave way to a soft, airy crumb that almost seemed like it had streaks of caramel in it. A perfectly sweet result which had me consuming almost the entire first loaf before Sarah even had a sample. I like bread a lot as you can imagine, but normally stay away from consuming an entire loaf in one sitting. This was awesome enough to suffer through any resulting effects from eating two pounds of bread.. Straight up by it self, slightly warmed, toasted, slathered in peanut butter or with slices of cheese, we ate this bread like champions. After hearing back from 3 taste testers, all of whom enjoyed the bread immensely, I’ll definitely add this to the routine.

3 thoughts on “Wild Yeast Fig Tartine

  1. Thanks Phyl! I’m going to be trying it again soon. Downside is the cost of figs; that’s for sure.

    Yes. I should try it with a nice cheese spread. Maybe something melty too!

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