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Sarah and I hit just one Fork Fest meal this season. It was on the last day of the event and if you can’t tell, it was at Upper Crust. Located on 109th, just north of Whyte, Upper Crust has been serving people in and out of the restaurant for over 20 years. Besides being a comfy place to grab a bite to eat, I have to suggest you try their sweet treats if you craving something sinful; their cookies and cupcakes are fantastic. With their Fork Fest menu at $25, Sarah and I met up with our friends J&L.

The photo I took inside is rather deceiving, because within what seemed like 15 minutes, the restaurant was jammed with fork fest diners and (from what I overheard) people looking to grab a quick bite before heading over to see Wicked at The Jubilee. The menu for Fork Fest wasn’t as big as I’d hoped with just two options each for a starter, main and dessert. This made it easy to conquer that’s for sure. Besides the $25 menu, you could skip one course (your choice) and save yourself 5 bucks.While we waited for our dining companions, we were given some chewy buns with butter.

Starters included Corn FrittersLeeks and Bacon served with Feta Dill Cream Sauce, as well as Organic Arugula SaladPearl Bocconcini, Local Vine-Ripened Tomatoes in a Balsamic Vinaigrette. Both dishes were clean, flavourful and quite tasty. I’m a sucker for tomatoes and cheese!

Mains included Poached MusselsBed of Linguini, Herbed White Wine Saffron Cream Sauce and Grilled Lamp ChopsRaspberry Mint Sauce, Mashed Potatoes and Grilled Vegetables. The pasta was cooked well, with a rich sauce that unfortunately sunk to the bottom. The mussels were on the small side, but plentiful enough to not make you crave any after being finished. A well put together pasta bowl. I didn’t taste the tiny lamb chops, but it appeared to be grilled quite nicely and went over well.

Dessert options were Apple Pie and Banana Caramel Cream Cake. The apple pie was good. I’m no pie expert, but I have a hard time with pie after having sampled the delicious treats that our friend Linda puts together. She is amazing! The cake was more like double layered banana bread with icing. The best part of it all was the caramelized banana center which I could have easily wrapped myself in. Like a caramelized banana blanket. Mmmm, banana blanket.

All and all, the Fork Fest menu was easy on the wallet and good for our stomachs. The service was hit and miss with our waiter disappearing for long periods and then pulling a very strange stunt when we went to pay. Good thing the atmosphere is comfortable and relaxing, which makes any service hiccup seem that much easier. Don’t forget to try the sweets when you go!

3 thoughts on “Upper Crust Cafe – Edmonton, Alberta

  1. We went to the Upper Crust for brunch a few months back and I have to say…what’s with all the fuss about this place? The food was decent – but portions (and options) for breakfast are small and on the more expensive side. The service is…hit or miss. And the decor, while trying to be eclectic just comes off as being tired and a bit dumpy. I don’t think I would go back…

  2. Based on what you described about service and serving, it sounds quite similar to Dine-Out Vancouver in, well, Vancouver. “Cheaper” prices usually means reservations are snatched quickly (specially in popular restaurants) which leads to jam packed restaurants, which then leads to overwhelmed staff. But, hey, if you managed to get one and filled up your stomach, why not!

    (Oh, notice I put cheaper in quotes. At times, offerings are not necessarily cheaper as much as just repacking of the regular menu).

  3. Sarah – Maybe a case of being an “Edmonton Classic” *Shrug*

    Kim – Thanks for stopping by!! It is similar to Dine-Out I believe. And yes, the whole Fork Fest phenomenon can mean that you don’t quite get the same experience; what with packed restaurant, adjusted portions, service unable to keep up (?) and so forth…I think we see eye to eye on this.

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