More Jerky From Sangudo

After discovering Sangudo Meat Packers this year, I’ve been pushed to the edge of my protein boundaries. Jeff Senger, one of the men behind the meat packers, has continued to surprise and excite me with his offerings; from the everyday to the exotic, I can’t ever seem to get enough. On one of our strangely late-night encounters, he slid this babies across the hood of his truck and into my palms. Nuggets. Nuggets of sweet, sweet jerky. To be more specific; , Honey Garlic Nuggets, Sweet Teriyaki Nuggets, Mesquite Pepper Nuggets. I also saw Sweet Teriyaki Pork jerky in the package.

Pork Jerky

The nuggets and jerky from Sangudo are perfect for me. Juicy enough to not feel dry and fatty enough to be rich. The flavours are bright, with the each fitting it’s name. The mesquite is peppery while the honey and teriyaki are sweet. Yum!  These meat snacks have truly been a bonus to my summer and the nuggets make for a perfect afternoon treat for when you hit the wall.

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  1. I called Sangudo a few days after reading this to see about getting me some. Unfortunately they did not have any nuggets, but they would call me when they do. It’s been a few weeks..

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