A Busy Summer – My Apologies

From the office to the car to another journey. For whatever reason, this summer, unlike many in recent memory, has been full of excitement, adventures, and plenty time away from the homestead. So I want to apologize for my spotty coverage of food in our beautiful city. Life, as it circles around us, has just had other plans this year.

Even as I write this post, I’m stealing a few minutes from a very peaceful weekend in Sundre. Sarah and I are staying at the beautiful, cozy, quiet, and lovely Deer Valley Bed & Breakfast. We are just hours away from seeing two lovely souls, and people we are grateful to call friends, Owen and Bronwyn, tie the knot. We’ll be in a field watching them hold hands; all in the company of friends, family and nature. I wish you could see, hear and smell the inspiration that is our tiny space of earth today. See the rolling landscape that transports you to another place, hear the sound of the fresh spring running across rocks and into my hands, and smell the old trees that ooze a story filled with so much history, you are required too sit still for hours just to hear the opening sentence.

It is moments, or weekends like these, that make it seem ok to step away. Not check the email as frequently, surf through endless piles of new tweets, or track the relationship statues that never stop evolving on facebook. I don’t always know where the line is when it comes to managing the blog. Some days it truly is like a never ending cycle of eating, shooting and writing. There’s nothing wrong with this of course, food is something I’m very passionate about. Yet it can get in the way. It can stop me from picking up a guitar for weeks or tire me out so much that after just one or two pages, I put down the latest book I ordered. I imagine, just like life, the blog will have peaks and valleys. I just hope you’ll stay with me through those times. And before I end up missing something very important today, I want to say that I hope you are enjoying your time. Eating with friends. Drinking with roommates. Breaking bread with strangers. To the fall. To the food. To the company.



5 thoughts on “A Busy Summer – My Apologies

  1. Glad you have found some time to just breathe and embrace the peacefulness. Hope to see you both soon.

  2. Glad you recognized the need and took it. Time out is always a good thing. I, for one, will always be here when you “resurface” and I respect your need to take a moment and smell the world.

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