A Treat From Japan

Sometimes, no make that many times, it’s the little things. A caring gesture, a sweet look, a rib squishing hug, or thoughtful trinket. In this case, it’s a care package of (what I assume to be) delicious treats from Japan. Having just received the package today – after which I ran around like a school boy with glee – I want to give Kelly a big shout out and thank you. As a stranger living across the pond, this kind gift made my week. Thank you. Thank you very much.

Now, if anyone wants to come over and help me conquer this colourful box, just let me know!

5 thoughts on “A Treat From Japan

  1. ooh, delicious! you can get the jdm Kitkat bars next time you’re in Vancouver.

    I’ve managed to score some random flavors from these places:
    Konbinaya on Robson
    Daiso in Aberdeen Mall
    “Candy shop” in Aberdeen Mall
    “Candy shop” in Parker Place

    I don’t know about the other packs, maybe you can take some pictures before you chow down?


  2. Squee! Looks so good behind your lens. It was such a homely looking package when I sent it out. I wish I could have sent you some sushi instead.

    I cannot recall if I included the flavours of Kit Kat or not, but there should be a wasabi, roasted edamame, almond pudding, musk melon, cherry blossom matcha … and a few others. Hit me up if you have any questions.

  3. Matcha Green Tea + Kit Kat = love it, I remember being able to buy it here in TnT, not sure why I don’t see those anymore. Japanese treats are always adventurous in terms of mixing ingredients.

  4. That looks great 🙂 if u need help with identifying those candies call on me 🙂 im good at describing and reading japanese after tasting of course haha

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