A Book By Any Other Name…

So I treated myself to a new Kobo Touch last night. I’ve had a chance to read on a Kindle, original Kobo, and iPad, so the Kobo Touch was more or less a stab at the expected. I would have certainly ordered another Kindle, but after finding myself wandering around Chapters, I just bit the bullet and made the leap. After just one day, I really like it. The touch is slower than my iPad, which takes a bit of getting used to, but it is easy to read and well shaped. Which means you can easily hold it in one and and read peacefully while you walk, sit, or relax on your back.

I picked up the Game of Thrones collection for a stellar 16 bucks last night, and would love to hear your suggestions for my next read.



2 thoughts on “A Book By Any Other Name…

  1. Love your blog! Also, am obsessed with e-readers, I have a Kindle and am a huge fan. As for book recommendations, have you read the Hunger Games books? They’re amazing!

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