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The Burger Joint
9132 23 Ave NW
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A few weeks back, when the sun was still warm, a group of us headed over to check out The Burger Joint. Located behind Costco, just north of 23 Ave, this south side burger restaurant, with it’s double entendre name, is sandwiched between doctor’s offices, an ethnic grocer, and a pet groomer. Quite the mix if you ask me. If it wasn’t for the big BJ, you might get lost.

The concept is really simple. You grab a clipboard and sharpie from the table, before putting together your burger. Pick a protein (chicken, lamb, veggie etc…) and start checking off your toppings before heading to the counter to find out the damage. If this is all too much work, there is a menu on the wall with some house specials. I can’t help but think this “pick as little as you want or as much as you want” style restaurant, will always be a hit with eaters who end up subbing everything but the bun at a restaurant.

One thing that is great about The Burger Joint is the premium toppings. Sure they cost you more, but really, anyone who has spent enough time watching Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives, will appreciate the addition of a fried egg! Other toppings include things like corn, grilled pineapple (albeit canned), and onion rings.

As we all sat down to eat, it became apparent that no one ordered a kaiser bun as a base. Maybe it’s a case of too many boxes to check off. The “patties” were all on the small size, from the beef to the chicken to the veggie, so don’t worry about filling up on a fist sized hunk of meat. The toppings were all fresh, while the bun was simple and held everything together nicely

With a good selection of what they have to offer, our group came to a few conclusions. The fried eggs showed no sign of a soft yolk (I love the richness of a runny yolk on a burger), the chicken was really thin, the fries were average and the burgers, were, well, good. The burgers seemed like your average backyard variety burger. And that’s not a bad thing really, as everyone loves a good burger at home, but if that’s the case, I might as well just fire up the BBQ. Maybe it’s a case of over the top at The Burger Joint to really find a hit. You know, order the fully loaded 75 sauce combo that leaves your shirt stained and your belly bulging, to find the hit. Really though, if you find yourself shopping in South Edmonton Common, this might be a nice change…then again, you could head over to FatBurger.


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  2. When you hold a burger the juice from the meat should drip from a half inch home made pattie. The Buger Joint has everything, but the beaf.

  3. BURGER JOINT is one of my favorite burger restaurant 🙂
    Its for sure better then fatburger. Fatburger use frozen beef :(((

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