I Love Sushi – Edmonton, Alberta

I Love Sushi
10106 105 St NW
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I’ve never been to I Love Sushi. Which, for a man who actually does loves sushi (I’ve even dreamed about it), probably doesn’t make sense. Maybe it’s the creature of habit thing, or the fact that it’s across the river. Either way, when Kerry gave me a shout and asked about going for fish, it worked better for me to head north than for her to head south. And wanting to try something new, we agreed on I Love Sushi.

With its location just off of Jasper Ave, I’d venture a guess and say that this little shop would be quite busy at lunch time. The restaurant itself is quite cozy – washrooms are in the hall outside the restaurant – with its walls covered in pictures of the dishes they offer. From sushi to ramen bowels to green onion cakes, I Love Sushi might just run that dangerous line of having too many items.

With about a dozen slices of bread already tucked into my belly, I decided to keep it clean and order a platter of sashimi. This, I figured, would also help me get a grasp on their knife skills and fish quality; something that is easy to hide inside of mayonnaise covered rolls. Kerry went along for the ride and we upgraded to a sashimi boat with a side of sushi rice.

After listening to the only other table in the restaurant gab about some absolutely crude things, I was glad that the fish had arrived. The boat was pretty standard, with 10 pieces of both salmon and tuna, a few pieces of octopus, sliced scallops, surf clam, red snapper and two roses of tuna belly. A number of pieces of fish were cut quite awkwardly with some slices going quickly from thick to thin, and some just plain thin (like the tuna belly). The fish was also too cold for my liking. There is someone about cold fish that seems to steal the natural clean taste. The cup of sushi rice we ordered didn’t show up, and after waiting for awhile, we had to ask again; not sure how you forget about the only table in the restaurant. It didn’t matter at this point, as it didn’t have enough qualities to save the meal.

All in all, I’m not sure that I Love Sushi is a place I’d come back to for my sashimi fix. Maybe the fact that the wall of photos only included a few shots of sashimi was the first sign, but this boat was most definitely the biggest sign of all. Good thing Kyoto is only a few blocks away, because we ended up going for a a nice selection of luxury items to finish the night with a bang.

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