Tickets To Edmonton Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival – A Giveaway!

Okay, so here’s the deal gang. I have a giveaway! That’s right, 2 tickets to the Edmonton Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival which is just around the corner. Having gone to this event more than a few times now, I can say that it is easily one of the better events you can attend. You get to mingle with other food lovers and drink aficionados’ while meeting producers, chefs, wine makers and more. If you can grab a few friends to accompany your night of food and wine, I think it could be a very memorable time. Plus, at least in my experience, it will introduce you to something you didn’t know about or were worried about buying. All in all, it’s a win-win situation.

So here’s the deal, I have two (2) tickets for the Friday, October 21 session (4-10pm).  When presented at the door, these tickets will allow for complimentary access into the Grand Tasting Hall.  Tickets are not transferable to Saturday’s session.  Please note that all attendees will need to purchase sampling coupons (50 cents each) to use in exchange for samples of food, wine and other beverages.  This is an adult only event.  All attendees must be 18 years or older.   Minors (including infants) are not permitted to attend. **The winner, selected by, is comment number 7 – Linda**

The rules of the giveaway are as such; tell me the best thing you’ve ever won in the comment section. It could be a free trip from a radio station, a bag of chips, or a high five. I’ll close the giveaway this upcoming Sunday (16th), at 5PM MST, and hold a random draw. You’ll need to put a valid email in the appropriate box when telling me your story (not in the comment itself), so that I can contact you. Now, let’s have some fun and hear what you’ve won!!!!

What: If there was ever a weekend where taste, texture, colour, and aroma come together in breathtaking and mouthwatering detail, than this is it. From gourmet mini-bites, to decadent sweets, wines, and adult beverages, the Edmonton Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival is the perfect place to indulge and succumb to all senses. Back for two days, the Grand Tasting Hall will see its largest gathering of food and beverage exhibitors. Attendees can enjoy an endless array of delectable cuisine from local restaurants and hotels, as well as a diverse selection of wine, import beer and premium spirits.

This year, guests can sample award-winning wines from the Wine Access International Value Wine Awards (IVWA), which showcases the best in affordable wines.

A major trend this year is creating new and funky ways to drink spirits.  Liqueurs and vodkas are making it easier to try new variations on established styles of drinks with quirky new flavours.  Chocolate wines and flavoured sakes and have raised eyebrows and helped to create new and interesting taste profiles. To name a few:

  • Flavoured fruit sakes such as a Takara Hana white peach sake;
  • Dessert inspired vodkas from Pinnacle including cookie dough, cake and whipped chocolate ; and
  • Spice infused beers including a Mexican chilli beer.

For the first time,  the Festival welcomes the Dairy Farmers of Canada Cheese Seminars. Patrons will be treated to complimentary cheese samples while learning about cheese made from 100% Canadian milk.  Legendary winemaker Charles Smith, known for his big hair, rock star attitude and bold and fun wines will be making several appearance at the Purple Valley Imports booth, and International Cellars, Peter Lehman booth will have daring aerialists suspended from “chandeliers” over their booth.

Chef’s from across the city will be serving up specialty’s such as:

  • Vension Meatballs, slow braised in a red wine sauce and topped with duck cracklings, aged pecorino and micro greens by Niche Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge;
  • Bulgogi beef on Chinese green onion cakes created by Evil Dave’s Grill;
  • Salted burnt caramel, truffle with burnt caramel ganache accessorized with sea salt courtesy of JACEK Chocolate Couture and much more!

Liquor Depot will once again feature an on-site liquor store, where attendees can purchase their favourite finds from the night. Liquor Connect will also be available to demonstrate to consumers how can help find sensational sips after the festival.

Who: Food lovers, wine, spirit, and beer enthusiasts are invited to indulge in a selection of palate pleasing samples from local exhibitors. Attendees can sample some of the award-winning wines from several of the Wine Access International Value Wine Award (IVWA) winners. It’s an evening of tasty treats, that are sure to leave taste buds completely satisfied and craving more.

Why: Enjoy an evening of sampling fine wines, delicious food, and an array of unique spirits and beer in a relaxed atmosphere with family, friends, and co-workers alike.

When: Friday, October 21, 4-10 p.m.  and Saturday, October 22, 3-10 p.m.

Where: Shaw Conference Centre, Halls A –C

*A big thank you to the fine people behind the Edmonton Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival for allowing me to have this giveaway!!!

32 thoughts on “Tickets To Edmonton Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival – A Giveaway!

  1. When I was 13 I won a contest through Sears & GWG jeans to have dinner with a then 19 yr old Wayne Gretzky!!! This was in Halifax, NS, June 1981.

  2. hmmm, the best thing I’ve ever won… That would have to be a bag of dog treats from a silent auction. They didn’t even taste that good.

  3. The best thing I ever won was actually this year. K-97 had tickets to an intimate and interactive evening with Colin James at the Hotel MacDonald. We were driving around on a Saturday, just having gotten coffee when Shauna MacKay started announcing that caller number 9 would win the first pair of tickets. I contemplated for a bit, struggled to find my phone and dialed one-handed, with my left hand and my husband saying don’t bother, it’s too late now. But I phoned, she answered, we had a lovely chat and then she told me I won the first pair of tickets! My husband howled in laughter but we went to the concert, best one I’ve ever been to, met some great people, met Colin James and had my picture taken with him and had a great evening and it didn’t cost me a penny! The Hotel Mac had appetizers and free drinks and it was the perfect evening…and we got free CD’s!

  4. I had a 6/49 worth ~$1000. However, I had it because I was the trustee for the office pool of ~20 people. So, in the end, we got $50 each! 🙂

  5. I definitely don’t have horseshoes up my rear, that’s for sure so winning for me is slim to none. The best thing I ever won was an 16 GB iPod at a work Christmas party in 2005 and I ended up giving it to my boyfriend at the time because his was broken. 🙂

  6. The best thing I ever won was an iPad!!! I never win ANYTHING. So it was a surprise when my name was called at a journalism conference I was at. The other 200ish people in the auditorium were very jealous- heehee. As a lover of all things Apple, this was the perfect win. Now I don’t use my iPad often – mostly as a giant recipe holder lol. But @mikethyking loves it for the games and my cat Thor loves the cat games we’ve downloaded for her on it as well. It’s a real family tool lol.

    And by the way its name is GALLACTICA.

    Like from Battlestar Gallactica. Woot woot! 🙂

  7. I won a wicked awesome calculator/ ruler combo from Gord Whitehead when I was about 9 or 10. I had to call into 930 CJCA and tell a joke on air. I’m sure it was killer, but also very PG13. (which is why I would have wiped it from memory)

  8. i did win some free tickets from the edmontonian, (i still miss that daily dose of all things edmonton!) for taste of edmonton tickets for answering the question: what is the one deep fried thing missing from the menu: i answered olives!!!! i was on a MAJOR olive kick at the time, and would have eaten the things any way i could get them!

    i was leaving town for the weekend and realized i wouldnt be able to use, so i forfeited my most generous prize.

    note: i have checked my calendar and i WILL BE IN TOWN on the 21st so could/would gladly attend the rocky mountain wine and food festival! ha ha ha

    who doesnt like eatin’ and drinkin’?

    thanks for the opportunity
    su 🙂

  9. The best thing I ever won was a trip to Sonic. I’d been lamenting to Rick Lee over the stations CanCon requirements and the default choices (seemingly the Tragically Hip over and over again). I wrote a lovely letter to Al Ford about how they should feature some more independent Canadian talent and in response, he invited me to the station for a tour, a music meeting, some t-shirts and free tickets to the Sonic Session for Silversun Pickups. Without a doubt – one of the more memorable things I’ve “won”. 🙂

    Topped only by Rocky Mountain Food & Wine Festival tickets. 😉 Hint Hint.

  10. I won tickets to Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat when Donny Osmond was here performing. If I hadnt of won those tickets, I wouldnt have waited outside by his car, met him and got his autograph! He’s very short. And has tiny feet. But his teeth, oh his teeth.

  11. The best thing I ever won was a giant fruit basket at a charity fashion show that my then future husband was a model in. Free food…woo hoo!

  12. The best thing I have ever won happened in 1994 – I was in grade 8 and my school won a Much Music video dance party. I won a MM t-shirt because I was able to tell the DJ the address of the MM studio (299 Queen St W, in case you were wondering!). Best. Day. Ever.

  13. The only thing I’ve won from a comments section is my choice of 3 sewing patterns. Sounds a little lame, but I’d be meaning to purchase one for awhile 🙂

  14. I won a day off with pay at my former job’s Christmas party! This was a not-for-profit organization that couldn’t do much in the way of door prizes unless they were donated items (i.e. a re-gifted bath soap basket) so a day off with pay was a really big deal 🙂

  15. The best thing I ever won was $102 from Sonic. I was leaving on vacation the next day & really who doesn’t love free money right before vacation!

  16. I won a door prize at a golf tournament where everybody won something.
    My prize was a men’s XL fleece jacket with wolves on it.
    That’s just about the only thing I have ever won, so I guess its the best by default.

  17. I once randomly won a Eurail pass (an unlimited train ticket through Europe). Unfortunately I couldn’t afford to go to Europe to use it! Nuts!

  18. I won a pair of tickets to a Trappers Game and a pair of tickets to see the ballet Butterfly. What makes it so memorable is that my daughter couldn’t go to the ballet and her boyfriend couldn’t go to the ball game, so I went to the ballet with her boyfriend and took my daughter to the ballgame. Both were lots of fun.

  19. When I was 21 years old, I joined my mother and her friends at the local bingo hall in Saint John, NB since I was new to the city and had nothing better to do. I ended up winning $1000 that night!!!

  20. I was at a banquet when i was younger. I don’t even remember what it was for, but I won this glass bell wind chime. It has the prettiest purple bells with pink flowers. I still have it at my parents place. When it ever chimes in the wind, it makes me feel all nostalgic. thanks for the giveaway.

  21. Best win for my husband and me was an all-expenses-paid trip to Jamaica, courtesy CKUA, in one of their fundraisers. We’re monthly subscribers, so our name goes in to all their draws. This was the best week ever. CKUA rocks. 🙂

  22. The one that stuck with me the longest is when I won this big tub of gumballs at this little fundraiser we were having for our cub scouts group. I know it is nothing big, but it stuck with me because I was super excited to have won it.

  23. Years ago I won a gift basket from Sobeys! lots of good treats! I hope we win this prize because I have never been to the Rocky Mountain show.

  24. As a young teenager I won the Thanksgiving family game of “scat”, a card-passing game where everyone tries to get 31, betting quarters as they go. I won $35! A fortune to me at the time.

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