Cookies For A Cause

When B & O asked me to volunteer some of my time for a cookie baking fundraiser, I jumped at the chance to sign up for every day I could. Baking…cookies..good people, how could I not sign up. I also thought it would be provide me with a great opportunity to haul my camera along and film the adventure. And this is exactly what I did. So here you have it, my first attempt to shoot, edit, and document the 4 day process. Thanks to everyone who volunteered their time and beer, for well, being beer.

*Just a quick update. B mentioned on Facebook that we raised over $2,800! What an awesome result.

One thought on “Cookies For A Cause

  1. What a huge commitment at a busy time of year for a great cause… and the cookies all looked completely homemade and like they would taste delicious… with the one exception of the Betty Crocker Frosting – it must have been cheaper than making your own… did they donate it or something? At school, my students had no idea how easy it was to make icing and were completely blown away. Almost all of them had only ever used Betty’s frosting!
    I would have absolutely bought some of these, but guess selling them was not a problem. Am so impressed at how many volunteers were there the last night. I love volunteer work! Kudos to you, Owen and Bronwynn, Chris!

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