Pecha Kucha 12 – The Night Before

So, after a jam packed month of thinking about the six minutes and forty seconds that Owen and I will have to fill on stage tomorrow, I think we are almost there. The document we have been scribbling away on for the last week has just been closed and Owen has left the building. Sure there were some changes that might throw us a bit tomorrow, but really, when it’s something you are passionate about it should just flow right. I really do hope to see you down at the Metro Cinema tomorrow. You’ll be watching two bread-loving fools dance around stage like no ones watching; even if there are 500+ people in attendance and countless others who will be watching it streamed live on-line thanks to the Edmonton Journal.

If there is one other big plus to this whole experience, it’s the time I’ve spent thinking and writing about food. Something I’ve been leaving on the back burner since last August. So, I want to say thanks to both Owen for agreeing to talk with me, and the Edmonton Next Gen group who accepted the application to speak. I know it’s going to be fun.

Much Love.