Connie DeSousa Stops By Appliances Unlimited

When Phil rang me up today, it couldn’t have been for a better reason; a chance to hang out with, and eat, some delicious food made by Canadian Top Chef herself, Connie Desousa. I walked into the still freshly-looking renovated Appliances Unlimited, to see a room full of people ready to watch Connie’s magic. Taking up the northwest corner of the store, it was hard not to feel like we were in an episode of Top Chef with all of the GE Monogram equipment.

After a great introduction by the Edmonton Journal’s Liane Faulder, Connie got to work on her treats. Centered around goat cheese, Connie started by showing the audience how to make goat cheese from scratch. Which if you haven’t ever tried, is very, very easy. Just remember not to season the cheese until near the end of the process as it will continue to separate and your seasonings will get stronger.

A dollop of cheese was placed along side two pieces of oven roasted beets, fresh walnuts from B.C., and a drizzle of the tastiest lemon infused olive oil I’ve had the pleasure of trying. I could definitely see this dish finding its way onto the dining table of many guests. With the first dish being savory, the second and final dish was sweet. A fun play on cheesecake, the lightened and whipped goat cheese acted like an Oreo cookie around a filling of cherries and gram crackers. A light, perfectly sweet desert sampler.

With guests slowly shuffling out, Connie was a perfect host and chatted with us the better part of half an hour about everything from San Francisco to Iron Chef to pig ears. What a gem of a chef and person! The only thing I’m not sure of at this point is where I’ll be sooner; back to Appliances Unlimited to look at ranges or sitting down at Charcut for pork parts.

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