Farm. Table. Eggs. Bread.

There is something so pleasing about frying an egg and putting it on toast. Maybe it’s the grease sliding around in the pan, or the crack of the shell, or maybe it’s the sizzle. Fried long enough to have a golden base, yet with a yolk still runny enough to spread from edge to edge on your plate. All you need to finish this plate is a thick slice of toasted bread, fresh cracked pepper and a sprinkle of good salt.

Having been lucky enough to go egg harvesting on Easter weekend, the homestead was recently filled with some of the best eggs I’ve had in a long long time. And maybe there was something more than just the freshness that made these eggs shine. Reaching under the hen to swipe that still-warm egg. Feeling her beautiful hard work in your hands. It all adds up. Eggs are truly a wonderful treat.