Sherman’s Deli And Bakery – Palm Springs, California

Sherman’s Deli And Bakery
401 E Tahquitz Canyon Way
Palm Springs, CA 92262
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After a nice hike above Palm Springs in Mt. San Jacinto State Park (8,500 ft.), Erin and I headed back down into the heat and over to Sherman’s Deli And Bakery for lunch. Known for it’s massive servings and friendly atmosphere, my experiences here tell me that you’re just as apt to sit next to a local as a tourist. Always a good sign in my books. Even with the temperature north of 100 degrees on our visits we plunked ourselves under the spray bar outside every time. After all, nothing says a good meal like the occasional wet splatter in your face.

What always surprises me about Sherman’s is the size of the menu. For a place that could easily just sell itself on the Kosher-style sammies, they’ll serve you everything under the sun. Chicken Salad, Cheeseburger, Patty Melt, French Dip, Fried Egg Sandwich, Corned Beef Hash, Cottage Cheese, Belgian Waffles, Lox Plate…you get the picture. If need something to snack on while you scour the menu, never fear. A plate of pickles and sauerkraut is only a minute away. And if you need more, just ask. It’ll keep coming!

I couldn’t help myself from ordering a sandwich and ended up with the Hot Corned Beef with Sliced Turkey. Arriving as what can only be described as a mountain of protein, the three slices of rye bread seemed ready to tap out and let the meat reign supreme at any moment. There only reprieve from the weight was supplied by the two-by-four skewers keeping everything in check.  As we chuckled about the size of the sandwich, my belly starting cleaning out the far corners in hopes of making room. Easily 2 meals in one, I jammed it into my gullet in under 10 minutes. It was like I’d secretly become Kobayashi. I even had the joy of a 70+ year old local who gave me a clap, a slap on the back and a pep talk during my conquering adventure. It was, without a doubt, the most food I’ve eaten in some time. And let’s not forget about the giant Matzah ball soup we ordered for an appetizer. While I was giving my new old-man friend some entertaining experiences, Erin was eating her way through a very delicious salad known as the Oasis. Consisting of mixed greens, red cabbage, sliced dates, cornbread croutons, roasted corn, feta cheese, avocado and chunks of chicken, it was to a normal salad, what my monster was your everyday ham and cheese. It was so good that we ordered it again on another visit. We’ve even been trying our hand at creating it back home.

I have more pictures from Sherman’s, but I’d just be repeating myself. It was all very tasty. The service was friendly, even remembering us if you can believe it, the portions were beyond hearty, and the experience…awesome.

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