A Secret Streetcar Concert

While an everyday ride on the High Level Streetcar is something to love, my recent experience has me filled with all sorts of excitement. Boarding the streetcar just before 8PM, I was one of 32 peeps* who experienced the latest concert, in a series aptly named, the Secret Streetcar Concert. Organized by Tad Hargrave, concert goers pay a minimal fee ($20) and enjoy 2+ hours of music, history and fun.

Leaving the station, our lovely and knowledgeable volunteer conductors took us through the history of our trusty Car 33, before parking right smack dab in the middle of the bridge. It was here that Scott Cook and two of his musically gifted friends filled the car with stories, laughter, and of course, good tunes. Just in case you feel a concert isn’t a concert without a trusty adult pop, the event is BYOB. So bring your plastic cups and your Boones. Don’t forget to empty your bladder though. No one needs to run the risk of peeing some 48 meters above the North Saskatchewan River.

After almost an hour, we crossed the bridge for a quick break and headed back for another round of tunes. We even stopped for an impromptu, lights-out song, underneath 109 st during our trip back to the station. It was a spectacular night, and just another thing to love about Edmonton.

*Tad sends most of his invites out by text, and he mentioned during our ride that he has secured evenings through August (maybe even September). So do a quick search online and find out as much as you can. You can’t possibly regret this night one the town…unless you’re afraid of heights.