How Much Would You Pay?

I certainly knew I couldn’t go a whole week without bread. So, while in Chicago I did my best to ask as many locals as possible about bread options. The answers ranged from Whole Foods to Einsten Bros Bagels (which doesn’t even sell bread). No one, however, mentioned the Hendrickx Belgian Bread Crafter. Located just a few minutes by foot from my hotel, it would make for easy access if things were as tasty as they appeared online. Located on the ground floor of a small condo tower, I pushed my way through the orange front door and walked into what I would consider a small cafe. Just a few tables inside, the menu was more bakery than bread crafter. Every kind of croissant you could imagine, macaroons, tarts and so on. They even offer a few small plates for a light breakfast or lunch. The bread though, what about the bread.

Well, you have just one option (pictured above). Coming in at $40 for a whole loaf, I forked over a mind blowing $10 for a quarter loaf. You can also purchase half a loaf ($20), or an eighth ($5) if you aren’t feeling rich. Having craved bread since leaving the confines of my own kitchen, I quickly found a set of stairs to sit on and ripped apart my bread. The crumb was fluffy, while the crust required a good set of teeth to manage it’s chewy characteristic. Two characteristics that would make for a good sandwich. Was it worth 10 bucks, probably not. The lack of  flavour in the bread left me wanting more every time I chomped down on a new piece. Did I go back? Yes, I did ended up back for a second visit. Not finding another half decent loaf in Chicago meant my bread eating habits were held hostage by the Hendrickx Bakery. Yet on the plus side, you really do get a feeling for a city when you take the time to sit on a street corner, eating your bread, and watching life go by….damn, what a city Chicago is.

Hendrickx Belgian Bread Crafter
100 E Walton
Chicago, IL 60611
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