A Year Of Photos

When you look back at the last year of your life, it’s easy for your brain to add a little bit here, or miss a bit there. Take at least one picture every day during that year though…and it’s almost a grounding experience. It helps you realize how many good things there are in life, and how microscopic the bad are. Sure the bad moments can seem big at the time, maybe even life changing , but you know what, that balance of life puts things in perspective. Looking back at the last year of my life in my 365 photo-a-day project, and I can say with certainty that it has been one of the best years to date.

A few of my favourites.

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2 thoughts on “A Year Of Photos

  1. Thanks Ms. Begin! You are correct about the picture. I saw two of the Secret Highlevel Streetcar concerts this year. What a great event Tad has started. I’m looking forward to more next year.

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