Astro – Red Velvet Yogurt

I love yogurt. So much that I don’t discriminate against it. You can be as selective as you want; I just want it to taste good. Low fat. Greek. Fruit. Balkan. Vanilla. Swiss. Wild Berry. Local. Goat. Free-Range. As long as it tastes good, I’m down. So when we saw a new Astro yogurt in the aisles of Chez Galen, proudly displaying Red Velvet, I knew we’d be bringing it home.


The idea that they’ve crammed cake into yogurt is weird enough to make me both intrigued and nervous. Would it be like that fake banana flavor that tastes terrible in everything but those liquid antibiotics we had in our youth. Or would it be so good that I could walk away from my baking skills and hide in corner with a tub of this any time I had a need to drown my sorrows. The answer. Bad. The side of the container says it can help with Weight Maintenance Support, and I have to agree. It’s so bad that you won’t be eating it, which is maybe the only reason I think this will help with your weight. No food in. No weight gained. Sorry Astro, but that’s a strike.