McDonald’s Goes Festive With McCafé – Giveaway

**We have a winner. Selected by, the prize pack is going to Argenplath. Congrats and thanks to everyone for leaving some great comments!!!

What says Christmas like a giveaway! Even better if’s something delicious and warm for your tummy, right? Well, the burger elves at McDonald’s recently announced the arrival of their McCafé Premium Roast Take Home Coffee* as well as two limited festive beverages, Peppermint Mocha & Peppermint Deluxe Hot Chocolate.  And, in true holiday spirit, they’ve asked me to give away a $25 McDonald’s Gift Card, McCafé branded travel mug, Be My Guest cards and chocolate covered espresso beans to some lucky tummy.


If you’re a sweet coffee drinker, these drinks are the perfect reason to stop by. The Peppermint Mocha is made with freshly ground espresso, freshly steamed milk and peppermint chocolate syrup topped with real whipped cream and peppermint candy cane sprinkles.  While the Peppermint Deluxe Hot Chocolate is made with steamed milk, and peppermint chocolate syrup topped with real whipped cream and peppermint candy cane sprinkles. You can even get it with skim milk if you so choose! What better way to relax and recharge while taking a break from holiday shopping.

Entering is as simple as leaving me a comment about your favourite McDonald’s item. New or old, lets hear it. I’m always a sucker for those of you that enjoyed the long lost, Big Arch. The contest will be open until Saturday (December 8) at 8PM MST and you’ll have to be local.

*Made with finely ground 100% Arabica beans, customers can now enjoy the uniquely rich, smooth and delicious taste of McCafé Premium Roast coffee that they love from the comfort of their own home. A perfect holiday gift for the coffee lover on your list, McCafé Premium Roast take home coffee is now available in participating McDonald’s restaurants across the country.

27 thoughts on “McDonald’s Goes Festive With McCafé – Giveaway

  1. Not going to lie, Love Love LOVING the fact that I can get a ‘real’ Americano here – and it doesn’t cost me $1 million 😛 Thought it’s not like being in Italy, it’s nice to have the option on-the-go and not be absolutely undrinkable. 🙂 Score 1 for Mc D’s!

    • I’ve have to say Amanda, I’m really enjoying the new coffee options at McDonald’s. I’ll take it over Tim’s now when away from my locals spots.

  2. i am a real mcdonalds lover!
    my favorite sandwich EVER was the McD-L-T (two sided container, which kept the lettuce and tomatoe cool & crisp till time of consumption) LOVED that sandwich.

    i would NEVER turn down a fresh big mac, quarter pounder with cheese, or a fillet of fish…..

    su 🙂
    wanna know my dirty little secret – when i first moved out of my parents home and started working a job in downtown toronto, i ate mcdonalds for breakfast, lunch & dinner for a very long time! i wasnt allowed to have it when i lived with my parents……i sure made up for lost time!
    ha ha ha

    • I do remember the McDLT. A classic. Also, I did my time in high school at McDonald’s, so I can relate to eating many a meals from the arches.

    • Hopefully this will make you laugh, but I remember trying to eat frozen ones when I worked there. Just, you know, as quality control…

  3. The McRib.

    The best. Always was, always will be.

    That magic unicorn meat baffled the senses when I was a kid, and I remember looking up at the billboards, thinking: “How do I eat that, with the ribs in it?!”

    It’s still awesome today, and I wish it’d be available all year-round because it would likely bring about world peace.

  4. You can’t go wrong with McDonald’s french fries. Those little sticks of potatoey salty goodness are just too good to resist! Excuse me while I wipe up my drool.

  5. $1 Peppermint Mocha’s are delish, for me & my wallet! Their fresh fries can’t be beat either. Interesting tidbit — their fries are one of the few that are relatively ‘hypo-allergenic’ — only potatoes & plain salt, no seasonings or batter at all. Learned from a Mom of a child with extensive severe allergies.

  6. Not gonna lie…my comfort food for the past several years has been the McDonald’s Cheeseburger. I am also a huge fan of their coffee. Would take it over Tim Horton’s anyday.

  7. I am a sucker for McDonalds breakfasts. Give me an Egg McMuffin & hash brown and I am a happy girl!

  8. I always crave a McDonald’s Cheeseburger when I’m pulling an all-nighter (sometimes I wish they delivered)…

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