Press’d (The Sandwich Company) – Edmonton, Alberta

Press’d (The Sandwich Company)
3384 Gateway Blvd
Edmonton, AB T6J6V1
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Looking for a quick lunch on the south side, I remembered my father talking about the newest location of Press’d. Located on the out skirts of the Save-On-Foods parking lot, Press’d doesn’t seem to have the branding it needs to compete with the flashy Fatburger next door. Thankfully, the bland exterior doesn’t carry though when you walk in. The restaurant is clean and fresh; from the decor to the menu boards. With something for everyone, Press’d is very much like every other sandwich shop. You pick a filling combination before selecting your bread (white, whole wheat, rye, gluten-free). You also get the option of a full or half sandwich. Most of the sandwiches sound like solid combinations, so I can’t imagine you’ll step outside of many safe boundaries with any you get.

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Trying to figure out what a half sandwich would look like, I put in an order for the Big Rueb – Corned Beef, Swiss Cheese, Sauerkraut, Thousand Island Dressing – on rye bread. I made it a combo by grabbing a drink and order of beef and vegetable soup. When I picked up my order from the counter, I couldn’t help laugh at the results from the panini press. I’m not sure where it all went wrong but you can see from the picture that only the center was toasted. The rest of the bread was left to live in the world of soft and fluffy. The overall flavour was good. Nothing outstanding, but it did the job. Besides the uneven toasting, I found the bread to be so thick that is was overwhelming and stole the show from the fillings. Unless they want to double what they put inside, I’d have to suggest thinner bread. And that says a lot coming from a bread lover like me. Also, if this is half a sandwich, the loaves must be ginormous…then again it does appear that the bread is already starting to curve back. So maybe it’s more like a two-thirds option. Sadly, the soup was unmemorable.

Would I go back? Probably. There are lots of options to try and you can’t – in all fairness – write it off on one visit. Then again, Al-Salam is next door and I’ve never had a bad meal there.