Hop City Brewing Co. – Barking Squirrel Lager

When I first started drinking beer, we always joked that you never drink a beer named after an animal. Yet 15 years later, animal themed beers are be showing up all over the place.  Hop City Brewing Co.* comes to us from the big province of Ontario and was founded by Kevin and John. Two smiling Canadians, who if you watch their youtube video, really enjoy making this award winning beer. Lucky for me, I was given a six pack of this recent arrival to try out.

Hop City

While they offer four types of beer, Barking Squirrel Lager is the flagship offering. Made with two types of hops (Hallertau Mitlelfrueh & Saaz) and three types of malts (Canadian Pale 2 Row, Crystal and Munich) the beer poured to a beautiful rich caramel. I found it to have a pleasant sweetness on my first sip with great mouth feel that took me by surprise.  The 5% ABV, 24 IBU amber lager was refreshing and not as heavy as I had imagined it to be. A great beer to pair with some tv watching and slice of fresh bread. All in all, I think this is a welcomed addition to the beer scene and hopefully we’ll see more from Kevin and John in the future.

The slightly pissed off squirrel is a nice touch and one that should be easy enough to spot when scouring the aisles of your nearest adult beverage store.

*Hop City Brewing Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Canada’s Moosehead Breweries Limited.