Calories Restaurant – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Calories Restaurant
721 Broadway Ave
Saskatoon, SK
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During a recent trip to Saskatoon I had the chance to dine at Calories Restaurant. Located on the hipster breeding Broadway Avenue, the good things I’ve heard about this place were enough to drag us in. Longer than it is wide, Calories had the warm welcome we needed on a cold night. Staff were friendly and quick to welcome us into the restaurant. With more vacant seats than occupied ones during our visit, we were well taken care by the team during our stay


We started with two plates of shrimp and tuna as well as their charcuterie offering. The seafood was cooked with a delicate hand and mingled well with the fresh fruit salsa. The charcuterie dish, which couldn’t come to close to my recent pile-o-meat at CHARCUT, served it’s purpose of being both tasty and filling while we waited for our mains.


Mains include the organic chicken, beef tenderloin special and elk stew. All of the proteins were cooked nicely. The smokey flavour of the bacon (wrapping the tenderloin) was quite overwhelming and may have been the only note of disappointment at the table. The quinoa was tasty and complemented both dishes it was served with. The cabbage, apple & Quebec foie gras filled Maultashen (think dumpling) on my elk plate were succulent and divine.


We capped our meal with four slices of Saskatoon berry pie before heading back out into the cold. An unexpected and wonderful night in Saskatoon to say the least. I can think of no better surprises when visiting another town.