Devilled Lamb Kidneys


After my experience at St. JOHN, I knew this dish was going to be on my “must make” list when I got home. Having a look through Fergus’ cookbook, the recipe is actually very, very simple. All you need is a handful of lamb kidneys, a flour mixture (salt, pepper, dry mustard, cayenne), a good wack of butter, chicken stock and healthy glug of Worcestershire sauce.


I had everything on hand but the lamb kidneys, so I talked with Corey over at ACME Meat Market and he gave me the heads up on his next lamb order. I collected 8 kidneys in total, giving me enough to ensure I nailed the recipe. Slicing the kidneys in half was the easy part. Removing the pockets of fat inside was another. After some failed attempts, I pulled out my trusty kitchen shearsand made surprisingly quick work. Into a smoking hot pan for 2 minutes on each side gave the kidneys a nice finish. I then added the chicken stock and Worcestershire sauce so everything could mingle. A few more minutes and I pulled out the kidneys to rest while I reduced the sauce and toasted some bread.



As close as I could get on my first attempt, I’m really happy with the results. There are things to work on, which just means more lamb kidneys to look forward to!!

*Isn’t Worcestershire a great word. You can draw it out over like 15 syllables. Just ridiculous.