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Mala beads

If you don’t already know, yoga is on the verge of being a corner stone in my life. Truth be told, it may already be.  It’s part of a daily journey into my heart, my mind, and my body. So I sit here fresh from my most recent class and I thought I could share a handful of thoughts on why it has become so important. After all, yoga makes me feel alive. I know that sounds cheesy but hold for a second and let me tell you this. Yoga helps calm my weary heart. It helps me accept my body image. It helps me to sort out my actions. It reminds me to think of my family (that includes all of my friends). It allows me to step out of my constant feeling of electronic connection. The list goes on and on, but what it all adds up to, is that for 60 to 90 minutes every day, I can just be.

I’ve gone to yoga and laughed. I’ve gone to yoga on Christmas Day. I’ve gone to yoga after break ups. I’ve gone to yoga after receiving a promotion. I’ve gone to yoga with new friends and old friends. I’ve gone to yoga and cried like a baby. Yoga is there for me like a best friend. Giving me feedback, reminding me to breathe, to feel, to listen, to grow, to build. The best part may just be one of the fluffiest; yoga appreciates each day as it comes. Yoga knows each day is different. I feel stronger on some days than others. I fall out more on some days than others. I get deeper into poses some days. Yoga doesn’t judge you for all of these things. It knows that we will never be here again. This moment, this inhale, this exhale.

People often tell me they don’t go to yoga because they aren’t flexible enough. That doesn’t matter. Neither does carrying more weight than you would like or not having the most fashionable clothes. Show up ready to breathe and you will be just fine. There are no consequences to being fallible at yoga. Regardless how scary it is to step into a room with strangers, to see your muscles shake below you as the instructor guides you to breathe deeper, it’s just yoga and that’s why I love it.

One of the most important moments for me is at the end when I have the opportunity to seal my practice. I will never pass on this moment. It is dedicated to my mother. It allows me time to think about her every day; what I picture she did for me when she was alive. Every class I use the same mantra. Said three times. If I my mind is already tired and I mess up the dedication, I say it again. And again. And again. Until I have it said perfectly.

I do this for me. I do this because of you.

I do this for me. I do this because of you.

I do this for me. I do this because of you.

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