Hundred – Chef Cowan Off-Menu


My relationship with Chef Andrew Cowan is one I cherish. We’ve shared beers, life stories, our love of food, and some very key China Town Rules. He’s a great dude that relishes (how I perceive it) in the freedom that CHG Corporate Chef Paul Shufelt has given him. So now when I want to do something fun, Chef Cowan is near the top of my list to call. Requesting a meat smorgasbord, he stepped right up to the plate and put his creative mind on the task. My only request, a big ass sous-vide rib steak and some sweetbreads.


Smoked Duck Appetizer


Brussels Sprouts w/ Duck Cracklin’


Asparagus w/ 64-Degree Egg


Potatoes + Duck Fat


Creamed Peas & Carrots

Then the MEAT!


Epic Presentation


Sweetbreads & Bacon Jam


42.25 oz Sous-vide Rib Eye


Bone Marrow


Guinness Float & Champagne Sorbet Dessert

What we received was a cornucopia of delicious vegetables, meat, meat and animal fat. The presentation of the meal was an added bonus (who doesn’t love a wooden platter of meat). Safe to say the meal was a great success and was the talk of the group in the following days.

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    • The vanilla worked well with Guinness. And nowadays, even more so with beer than pop, there are so many choices to go with. Any suggestion for a different beer?

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