UCI World Cycling Championships 2013 – Elite Mens Road Race

You probably know that I spend a lot of hours on the bike. If you don’t, well, I do. The joy of cycling is one that grows on me like an all encompassing passion. It makes me smile. It makes me laugh. It makes me hurt. It makes me hungry. Even though most of us have cycled at some point in our lives, it can be hard to capture the essence of this beautiful sport. Thankfully we were luck this year as we recently hosted a stage of the inaugural Tour of Alberta. Even with the prologue stage being a short event (7.3km), it gave people a small glimpse. On the long end of races, we have the likes of Milan – San Remo, a one day spring classic that covers 298km. Yes, two hundred and ninety eight kilometers! This past weekend in Toscana, the World Cycling Championships 2013 Elite Mens Road Race took place. While not as long as Milan – San Remo, this one day spectacle still covered 272km. That distance would be a huge feat on any day of the week, but factor in terrible weather and it’s even worse. Of the 208 starters only 61 finished. Crazy right? Intense, most definitely. Have a look at this beautiful video Shimano put together. 7 1/2 hours of outstanding, grueling, and simply remarkable professional racing in 90 seconds.