Lamb’s Head


I’ve found myself deep into the world of lamb lately, so it’s almost no surprise that I knew what was coming next. Thankfully I’m not phased by these sorts of adventures and welcomed my providers in for a few minutes before they left for greener pastures. With this being my first attempt to skin a lamb’s head, I pulled out a couple of sharp knives and a MAPP torch in case any of this pesky hair gave me a run.


With an uncanny ease, and before my cat Peter could help, I took a seat on my patio and made great time with this lamb’s head. A few sections provided some challenge, but a slow, steady hand with a sharp knife is the answer for most of my meat adventures. I’m not totally sold on the recipe for tomorrow, so if you have any suggestions feel free to pass them along.  I do like the ring of an oven roasted lamb’s head.