The Knifewear Pop-up Store Is Back! – Nov. 23 Through Jan. 28


After meeting Kevin Kent years back, part of me changed. Gone was the everyday generic appreciation of having sharp knives (something I was always mindful of), and in came a love of REALLY sharp knives. Knives that cost more than your phone bill, more than your grocery bill, and eventually more than your mortgage payment. From $200 to $2,000, Kevin flipped my understanding of knives and I love him for it. I try my best to see him whenever I’m in Calgary or whenever he comes to town. And while we don’t have our very own full-time Knifewear in Edmonton (like say Kelowna or Ottawa), I’m happy to see that Kevin will be bringing a pop-up store back to Edmonton just in time for the holidays. What says love better than paper thin slices of onion! Seriously, do yourself a favour and sample a knife while they are in town. Just like those Sleep Country experts say, even if you don’t buy a knife, you’ll gain an experience and understanding that will linger in the bottom of your stomach forever.


From the press release;

Don’t leave Santa cookies this year. Leave him one of the world’s best knives. A handmade Japanese knife.

Knifewear, Canada’s finest Japanese knife shop, is opening a pop-up store next week in Edmonton. The new location will be open Saturday, Nov. 23 through Jan. 28 at 10816 – 82nd Avenue.

Why Edmonton? “I did research and discovered that almost every house in Edmonton has a kitchen, and almost all of those kitchens have a knife,” says store owner Kevin Kent.

What you will find at Knifewear: Hundreds of knives from more than 40 of the best Japanese knife brands, including Masakage, Fujiwara san and Moritaka Hamono.

If you’re good (Santa’s watching!), you can test drive our santoku, gyuto, nakiri, deba and yanagiba knives on a tomato or two. You’ll also find chef-curated cookbooks, beautiful Larchwood brand cutting boards (made in Canada) and all kinds of very cool kitchen gadgets.

Then there’s the classic shave shop. Movember won’t last forever, men. Check out our selection of old-fashioned hipster shaving gear: straight razors, safety razors, soap, aftershave, badger and horsehair brushes. Great stocking stuffers!

What you won’t find: Boring stuff. Or boring people.

“Cooking is the new rock and roll,” Kent says. “And the new black leather pants are Japanese knives.”