Rostizado – A Party of Sorts


If you know one thing about me by now, you know it’s my love of Mexican food. Which spills into one of my true passions, tacos. This excitement for Mexican cuisine has flourished into a great friendship with the three guys behind Tres Carnales since day one. Edgar, Dani, and Chris have done a better job than I could have imagined by bringing #tacosforthepeople to reality here in Edmonton. When they first shared their ideas about a second restaurant, I grew ever more excited. This is exactly what we need. People with a passion for food, making more of it. So here we go, welcome to Rostizado.

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Located in the Mercer building, in the space formerly occupied by Roast Coffeehouse. The space has a natural charm to it and I think Rostizado takes full advantage of it. More formal than Tres Carnales, you’ll easily picture yourself hanging out for a few hours sipping on drinks with friends.


I can’t speak to the full menu, the portions, or the service because tonight was all about a party. Food was self serve at the bar with drinks mingled throughout. It was a perfect way to celebrate the opening and something that would be awesome if you ever rented the place out. If there is one thing for sure, the passion at Tres Carnales is alive and well at Rostizado. The food that I had was simple, yet packed for a flavour. House cured salmon, pork belly, roasted chicken, name it and I enjoyed it. Can’t wait to get some people together and go back for the full experience.


Thanks boys. Congratulations!

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