Earls Kitchen + Bar – Fall Menu Preview


Earls Kitchen +  Bar continues to impress me. Preview after preview. Kitchen tour after kitchen tour. From the first page of the menu to the last, almost every dish is a hit. On top of the food, I’ve been around the group long enough to appreciate the level of engagement and culture that Earls brings. It’s apparent in the everything they do and environment they create.






Menu previews and launches tend to be hit or miss, but Earls has a knack at giving you a real world example of every dish and drink. You aren’t going to get a miniature slider version of a new hamburger, they will let serve you the dish exactly how you would order it so that you get an appreciation for the meal and its ingredients.



This past week saw the culinary team hit Edmonton to help launch the fall menu and it was fun evening full of great food and more laughs than could be counted. I can’t say enough about the delicious Spatchcock Style Chicken (wow!), Crispy Thai Prawns, and BBQ Pork Buns.



If you don’t visit Earls very often, you’ll have to remember that this isn’t the Earls from 1995 where you blindly ordered a signature hamburger because the rest of the menu seemed rather pedestrian. Earls has become a group of passionate people who want to serve you good food. Who want to talk about about good food. Who want to spend years making something spectacular. What other large chain would would dedicate 5+ years working on the prefect veggie burger. Well done Earls. Well done.




Honestly, if you haven’t been to Earls in the last few years, you don’t know what you are missing. If you can’t make it very often, at least try to time your visit with the launch of a new fall or spring menu. You’ll taste the inspiration behind new dishes and probably start visiting more often.

Lastly, I love that Earls has taken the time to make videos with the team. The video below is about Chef David Wong who I was able to chat with throughout the dinner.