Walnut Rum Banana Cake – AKA Yum Yum Rum Rum Cake


Making someone their birthday cake is a fun adventure. If you ask enough questions about their preferences, it gives you a bit of insight into their birthday history. Maybe they love chocolate cake with chocolate icing. Or maybe, it’s vanilla sheet cake from Safeway with the raspberry filling. Maybe it’s some sort of family secret cake that you’ve never even eaten. Whatever it is, it’s sure to be delicious and the birthday boy/girl will light up with excitement when they see your hard work.


To make things easier last week, the birthday lady was supplied the following list to gauge her likes and dislikes.

Vanilla – Yum
Chocolate – In smaller doses (think fudge layer in ice cream cake)
Lemon – Take or leave
Ginger – Yum if in the form of cookies or houses
Almond – YUM
Coconut – YUM
Cream cheese – YUM
Orange – meh
Peanut Butter – meh
Raspberry – YUM
Apricot – YUM

Needless to say, I wasn’t disappointed to see her answers!!!


Now holding enough information to direct the cake recipe selection process, our favourite friend Google started returning pages and pages of recipes. Rum and nuts were key to the cake, and I quickly found a recipe to base my cake off.  Moist, rich, and not overly sweet, this cake – dubbed the Yum Yum Rum Rum Cake – was truly a delicious offering. And I say that as a man who would happily skip dessert for an extra side of bone marrow. As long as you like rum, walnuts, and bananas, your friends, coworkers and family will be happy if you ever show up with this.

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