Volcano Restaurant – Opening Celebration


This past week was the opening celebration for Edmonton’s newest restaurant Volcano. Focusing on Japanese and Vietnamese cuisine, the restaurant is located in the newly constructed buildings just south of the Whitemud, in between Calgary Trail and Gateway Blvd. If that makes no sense, think of the old Finesse furnishings building…or better yet, the old IKEA.


It is hard to tell you specifics about the food and service, because this soft opening celebration seemed to be more of a friends and family style gathering. Sure there was food, but it was served buffet style. Not exactly an optimal setup to showcase your sushi and pho skills.


The room is big, like really big. There is a square main area with loads of tables and then a hallway that kicks off to even more tables. Picture a lower case letter b with square edges. Makes sense. Right. There is a large sushi located at the back of the main area, with a bar area located long the side.


Food included spring rolls, vermicelli noodles, assorted sashimi and maki, tempura, chicken wings, short ribs and more. The food temps were hit or miss, so things weren’t shining as bright as they should. Some things were good, but others could be better. These events are rarely a true showing anyways.



It’s certainly going to take a lot of hungry customers to fill the restaurant on a regular basis. Competition is stiff around these parts with other ethnic options like Thai Valley Grill, Thai Orchid, and Yokozuna close by. Along with numerous chain box restaurants like Earl’s, Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Montana’, Sorrentino’s, Century Room and so on. At the end of the day, it was great to catch up with Seth, Erin and Kerry while checking out a new restaurant in town. I’ll be stopping by sooner than later to see what the actual menu and service is like.